Like a caterpillar escaping the cocoon for the last time as a butterfly, it’s remarkable to see how each magazine develops here at InMaricopa each month.

More often than not, there’s a theme to each issue. It’s seldom planned, but it always seems to appear. The underlying theme to this month’s issue is service.

One local business, Crumbl Cookies, offers a service, sharing their leftover gourmet cookies at the end of each day with the police, fire department and medical workers. A cynic might argue the shop would have those leftovers regardless, but they’re paying their employees at the end of the day to deliver these cookies and brighten the days of those who spend their lives serving us.

Our cover story is about Jelani Elliott and his efforts in creating Safe House to help youths looking for a place to fit in and who might be struggling to deal with the challenges of living in a chaotic society. Growing up can be tough, and knowing someone is willing to lend a hand has to be a relief to some kids. And such an endeavor on Elliott’s part is a service to the community.

It goes further, look at Marla Baker and her business, We Care Maricopa, which was founded out of a need to provide care for seniors and the disabled. This should matter to all of us. We all have older relatives who, if they don’t need help now, one day will. And, time waits for no one. We are all aging each day and we may find ourselves or our loved ones in such a situation. We’re glad Marla cares.

Glassblower Mike Dearth, on the surface an artist simply working his craft, serves by teaching lessons across Maricopa and helping other artists get recognition.

InMaricopa is in the service business, too. To that end, we want to know how best to serve you. Please take a few minutes (by June 15) and give us your input via Please let us know what we are doing well and, more importantly, how we can improve.

As always, thanks for reading our magazine.

The June edition of InMaricopa Magazine is in Maricopa mailboxes and available online.