Decked in vibrant Hawaiian shirts, leis and faux grass skirts, Maricopa’s seniors celebrated an important milestone with an emphatic “aloha.”

Around 100 seniors gathered at the Maricopa Community Center to celebrate its second anniversary with a luau fit for the islands on Wednesday.

Attendees toted tasty dishes and vied for a chance to win door prizes.

Jennie Young was among several people who won a gift basket filled with food and other treats during a raffle drawing. She said she appreciated the opportunity to socialize at the senior center.

“I just love being with the people here and the events are fun,” Young said. “The senior center is just a wonderful place to be.”

Don Carpenter said he rarely misses an event at the senior center. He echoed that in just two years, it has become a cornerstone social gathering spot for adults his age.

“It’s a safe place for seniors to come,” he said. “I go to the weekly events and it’s just fun. It’s a place to come and relax and tease each other in a safe environment.”

Carpenter said he wished more seniors would fill the center’s weekly schedule.

“It’s good to see the number of people here today, but I just wish this many people showed up on a regular basis,” he said.

That thought didn’t damper spirits, though. Attendees filled their plates, chatted and laughed as tropical tunes hummed in the background.

Chance Love, Maricopa’s community vitality coordinator, declined to be interviewed during the event.