Seven vehicles were reportedly involved in a crash on SR 347 near Riggs Road Thursday morning. Photo by Scott Bartle

Traffic on State Route 347 was blocked Thursday morning by multi-vehicle collision.

Seven vehicles were reportedly involved in the crash that occurred around 7:30 a.m. in the northbound lanes just south of Riggs Road.

Traffic was backed up to the Gila River for about an hour until the left lane was cleared.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Photo by Scott Bartle
Photo by Scott Bartle


  1. Too many idiotic driving habits to guess what caused it. But at 7:30 AM the Northbound traffic has always left for work 10 minutes late and if you're not doing 80 MPH in the slow lane it becomes your fault. Well guess what folks? I refuse your stress to bleed over to me. I set my cruise control to 60 MPH for the whole trip until I hit the Maricopa Rd turn where I lower it to 54 MPH. I do remain in the slow lane and get awesome fuel economy. Don't yell at me for driving too slowly because at 3 points during the drive I am 5 MPH over the speed limit!!! (Casa Blanca, Cement Plant, and Riggs Rd). I also leave for work early enough to compensate for this leisurely drive and any typical accidents caused by you IDIOT Stress Monsters. Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend. Please don't Drink, Drug, Text, Makeup, Sleep, Call(in fast lane), or MELT DOWN while driving.

    By the way, I was second on the scene a couple of weeks ago and helped three young teenage girls recover when their vehicle left the road (close to Maricopa Rd on the 347 at about 3:30 in the afternoon). One of these young girls was catapulted from the vehicle as it rolled and ended up laid out on the barbed wire fence (she was conscious and appeared to have all cognitive functions in tact (though in quite a bit of pain after being carefully removed from the fence). I do not know the cause of the single vehicle accident. Flat tire? Probably not. But three very lucky young ladies who hopefully learned an important lesson. I was the one who found the jacket for the injured girl to lay back on.

    Just pay attention and keep your wits. Just because you are a qualified Nascar Driver doesn't mean those around you are ready to be cut off by inches.

  2. Why does (almost) everyone driving the 347 think they're an Indy driver? It is becoming such a dangerous road! When I moved to Maricopa 5 years ago, the road was always patrolled by police, whether city, DPS or tribal. It's been such a long time since I have felt a police presence on this road and it is desperately needed. More often than not, I will head south to Casa Grande if I need to go shopping just to avoid driving on the 347. Like "Retired Sailor Guy", I also adhere to the speed limit…especially the 55 mph by the Huhugam museum…and other drivers fly by me as if I am standing still. There's a reason for post speed limits. I do not wish to become another statistic.

    People, there's one very simple solution that would alleviate the (perceived) need for speed – leave your house 10 minutes earlier!

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