“I have a feeling we may break some records Monday,” Slim Chickens operating partner Lucas Barnett told InMaricopa last week. 

He was right. 

By dinnertime, the new location had the highest-grossing first day in sales in company history. 

That’s compared to 180 other stores in 36 states and three countries. 

Slim Chickens served nearly 3,000 guests Monday, Barnett said. That’s more than 4% of Maricopa’s population. 

“For multiple hours, we had over 50 cars in the drive thru,” Barnett said. 

According to Barnett, over 2,500 pounds of chicken were sold during the day. That’s more than the weight of two concert grand pianos. It’s more than the weight of a Mazda MX-5 Miata. 

What’s more impressive? There was still some chicken to spare at the end of the night. 

The Fayetteville, Ark.-based fast-food restaurant features a menu of tenders, wings, sandwiches and salads.  

One of its top sellers is the Slims meal, a five-piece combo meal that comes with chicken tenders served grilled or fried, two sauces, fries and a drink.  

A poll by InMaricopa showed 45% of readers favored the opening of Slim Chickens over other fast-food restaurants currently under construction.  

“The team we have assembled is phenomenal,” Barnett said. “They are really being challenged now with our volume, but they are performing fantastically.”