Struggle involving ax leads to arrest, police say


A struggle Monday morning between a man and woman involving an ax, during which police say the woman held a juvenile in her arms, led to the woman’s arrest, officers said. 

According to police, Isabella S. Diaz faces a charge of assault (domestic violence).  

According to the probable cause statement: 

At about 8:50 a.m., Maricopa police were dispatched to a home in Acacia Crossings for a report of a disturbance. The 911 call was from a female from out of state, identified as Diaz’s mother. The caller stated that Diaz was being threatened by Micah Freeman, the man identified in the incident. 

Officers spoke with Freeman, who said he was outside cleaning the patio when the hose hit the screen of the master bedroom. Freeman stated that Diaz started screaming that she was assaulted and called her mother.  

During the conversation between police and Freeman, he stated that Diaz said a friend named “Veeda” was coming to beat him up. 

Freeman admitted to grabbing an ax and setting it on the back of the couch. Diaz allegedly grabbed the ax while holding a juvenile. Freeman stated that the ax blade was near the juvenile.  

A struggle between the man and woman ensued. Freeman admitted to hitting Diaz in the head and punching her hands, trying to get the ax away from her. Once he got the ax, he tossed it away from everyone. 

Freeman stated that Diaz bit him several times. Officers observed three bite marks on the man, one on his right wrist, left forearm and back. 

Officers spoke with Diaz, who stated she was trying to get the ax away from Freeman. Diaz told officers the juvenile was on the floor and was never in her arms during the altercation. 

Diaz told officers that Freeman had stomped on her stomach, punched her head and held the ax handle close to her head. Freeman told police he was holding the ax down, with his hands on the handle. 

Officers observed no visible marks or injuries on Diaz. 

Maricopa Fire and Medical arrived and treated the man and the woman. 

Officers reported that “Veeda” later arrived and stated that Diaz called her to come sit with her so the incident would not escalate. 

According to police, Diaz was placed under arrest, as it appeared she was the aggressor.