Update: Pima Butte Elementary rodent problem confronted


No evidence of an “imminent or impending” health threat exists at Pima Butte Elementary School, according to Pinal County Health Department after they conducted a preliminary investigation for mice Monday as a result of multiple complaints from parents.

Due to their findings, Pinal County Health Department and Maricopa Unified School District officials created the following plan of action outlining how they intend to control the population of mice in the school:

• Place traps in all areas of the school and document the location and date of placement of traps.
• Develop a log of locations that mice are found in traps so that actions can be taken to track the source of the mice.
• Develop a log that documents any report of mouse droppings so that proper sanitation and trapping measures can be taken.
• Eliminate food sources by limiting food to the cafeteria only.
• Eliminate materials that can be used for nesting.
• Require that staff immediately report any mouse droppings to administration.
• Participate in ongoing inspections from the Pinal County Division of Environmental Health.

Today, the school’s principal, Janelle Lowey, clarified a statement made yesterday where she indicated the health department would verify the risk of diseases such as Hantavirus by testing a mouse. She said this “might” happen. However, today’s report from the health department confirms this will not happen.

Reg Glos, Pinal County’s Director of Environmental Health, was unavailable to comment on why this test won’t occur. However, today’s release said they have not received reports of any disease in students or staff that could be attributed to the presence of mice.

Pinal County Health Officials state they will continue to monitor for threats of health risks at the school, and they will take whatever action necessary to protect the health and safety of students and staff.