Vice mayor hints at another home improvement store

Vice Mayor Rich Vitiello speaks during an economic forum at Global Water Resources on July 6, 2023. [Monica D. Spencer]

Could Lowe’s be coming to Maricopa?

It’s a question Vice Mayor Rich Vitiello nearly spoon-fed a crowd on Thursday.

During an economic forum, Vitiello gave a heavy-handed hint at the home improvement store’s interest. He prompted the audience to answer one question: who follows Home Depot?

“What do you mean who follows?” a woman asked.

“Who follows them?” Vitiello asked. “What other brand comes to the city generally?”

“Lowe’s,” the crowd responded.

“They said it, I did not,” Vitiello said, laughing.

While Lowe’s interest has not been confirmed, if it does come to town, it would join Karsten’s Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Tractor Supply as home improvement retail options.

While no location has been mentioned for a Lowe’s store, the nascent Maricopa Station development south of the overpass and east of John Wayne Parkway has been mentioned for years as a potential location for a home improvement store and other big box retailers.

That speculation has picked up in recent months after Home Depot unveiled plans to build at The Wells.


  1. Hyping new businesses “coming soon” to Maricopa before a deal has actually been finalized is such tired and lame small town political propaganda. How many times have city leaders promised new businesses opening in Maricopa, only to quietly report that the deal fell through a year or two later? Eegee’s is just the latest example.