WATCH: FBI names suspect in Maricopa police shooting


The FBI and Maricopa Police Department released bodycam footage and named a suspect today in a June 28 officer-involved shooting that left one dead and one injured.

That investigation is ongoing and the results pending.

The three suspects in this case include two children and a 20-year-old man. The adult was identified as Jose Martinez of Phoenix. He was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, criminal damage and car theft.

In accordance with federal law and to preserve the dignity of the children involved, the bodycam footage is redacted.

This release includes vantage points from three body-worn cameras that captured critical incident video as well as recordings from the two 9-1-1 calls received by dispatchers which initiated the call for service. The footage captured the initial contact with the subjects, the search after two of the suspects fled, and the ensuing exchange when officers located those suspects.


  1. Children?! Stop trying to humanize these criminals!! 12 or 100…you shoot at a cop you should expect to be shot at and risk your life making stupid decisions. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This criminal won the grandprize!! Thank you to the officers involved for putting there life on the line to save you from these pieces of dirt!!!

  2. I want to say that this was hard to watch seeing as how I have an 18 year old son, who is in his last year of high school, and I fear every day for him to be out in the real world because the way this generation is.

    So many of them are out doing things like these three were doing those officers were doing their job and unfortunately they were met with a life or death situation.

    It is sad to hear those final moments of the 17 year old you can hear the pain in his voice. And the officer I can’t imagine what was going through his mind at that very moment he was just shot at his partner hit. He had to return fire. The suspect was hit, and now he’s trying to administer life-saving techniques to this young kid who ended up passing away on the way to the hospital. it really sends a wake up call to us parents as well as those of us not on the police force but so quick to try and tell officers how to do their job….

    We are quick to point fingers and say what we would have done different or wouldn’t have done ever… but in all honesty…I’m speechless…

    This video showed so much in terms of what our law enforcement faces daily but also shows the desperate need our younger generations so desperately need as far as proper guidance in life.
    because somewhere along the way the decisions made that led up to this, is heartbreaking.
    But are choices that have very life changing outcomes for all involved.

    My heart goes out to the families who lost a child. And my heart goes out to officers who were involved and injured that night. The officer who administered aid to the kid, he did all he could do to protect the community, his fellow officer, himself but he also tried to save a life that almost took his… that is a rare kind of soul. That this community is blessed to have protecting and serving.

    This just my opinion
    But I definitely had an eye opening experience watching this.

    It was hard but thank you for sharing