Northern portion of Pinal Active Management Area.

Water is always a concern for Maricopa residents. With agriculture in the area and a growing population, ensuring resources for the future is a top priority.

Pinal County Water Augmentation Authority (PCWAA) Executive Director Joe Singleton presented his organization’s purposes to the Maricopa City Council during their work session Tuesday night.

The PCWAA serves as a resource for the development and augmentation of water resources for the users and residents in Pinal County. The organization partners with cities to develop sustainable plans for water usage and management.

“Our goal is to advocate for comprehensive and responsible policy and to see that this area is represented at the various tables,” Singleton said. “Our goal recognizes that agriculture is the life blood of our area. We don’t really expect that to go away, nor do we necessarily want that to go away.”

Singleton believes the PWCAA can help Maricopa protect its resources for years to come.

“Without feeding a persecution complex, there have been times in the past that certain water users from our area have felt slighted somewhere between Maricopa County and Pima County,” Singleton said. “A lot of times it’s actually true.”

Tuesday’s presentation was to inform the council, and no vote or decision was made. Councilmember Peggy Chapados did request a few helpful tips for community members though.

“I think the first thing that all of us can do is generally be aware of the water we use,” Singleton said. “The other thing is to be aware of certain kinds of influx points for things.”

Maricopa Vice-Mayor Marvin Brown serves as a board member for the PWCAA. Other municipalities involved in the organization include Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy and Florence.