Though temperatures are forecast to be in the 90s this weekend, expect some strong breezes. Photo by Mason Callejas

A steady breeze is likely to keep temperatures out of the triple digits again this weekend, according to the National Weather Service. Steady breezes gusting as high as 35 mph will move into the area Saturday to cool things off, providing an almost 40-degree disparity from the high of 99 Friday to a low of 59 Sunday evening.

Friday looks to be sunny, calm and mostly clear with a high around 99 and a low near 67.

Saturday should also be sunny, windy and mostly clear with a high around 98 and a low near 64 while a steady 15-20 mph wind throughout the day picks up to around 30 mph in the early evening.

Sunday is likely to be sunny and windy with a high around 92 during the day and a low near 59 at night while steady winds blow from 15-20 mph throughout the day, gusting up to 35 mph, bringing light cloud cover into the area in the evening time.


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