By Aaron Gilbert

Aaron Gilbert. Photo by William Lange


Hack 1: Eat slowly and to “satisfied” instead of “stuffed”

The most effective tool for healthy eating and weight loss resolutions may also be the simplest one: Eat slowly. And stop at “satisfied” instead of “stuffed.”

This strategy helps you avoid overeating for two main reasons:

Physiological: It takes 15-20 minutes for your digestive system to let your brain know you’re satisfied. Slowing down a meal allows that to happen before you overeat.

Psychological: When you slow down and savor your food, you feel content with much less. This means you’ll eat less and enjoy what you’ve eaten more.

Hack 2: Eat well on the go

When your busy schedule has you on the go, pack some smart snacks, such as:

Nuts and seeds
Cut fresh fruit
Grilled chicken breast
Quality protein bar (higher protein, lower sugar)
Plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese
A few scoops or protein powder and PB2 – add water as needed
Quality meat jerky (lower in sodium and sugar)
Raw veggies and hummus
Celery with nut butter
Hard-boiled eggs
Tuna in a pouch

Hack 3: The “No Excuses” Workout

It’s one of the most common patterns we see among incoming Longevity Athletics clients: Folks who want to get (or stay) fit will exercise diligently for months, only to “fall off the wagon” for the entire year and battle with getting back into it to achieve resolutions. That’s why we came up with this short, simple and effective workout you can do anywhere.

Get the details on these exercises in the March issue of InMaricopa.



Aaron Gilbert, CSCS, is owner of Longevity Athletics.


This column appears in the February issue of InMaricopa.


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