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Fabian Andrade (left) and Jacob Sanchez. PCSO photos

An alleged attempt to sell marijuana ended in the arrest of two suspected drug dealers Monday night, according to the Maricopa Police Department.

Jacob Sanchez, 21, and Fabian Andrade, 19, are accused of a host of charges including weapons misconduct, selling marijuana, possessing drug paraphernalia, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Police were alerted to the alleged incident by a phone call at approximately 11:51 p.m. on Aug. 27.

The caller told emergency dispatchers that people inside a dark grey Nissan Infiniti passenger vehicle pointed a handgun at his or her residence near Jeremy and Wilson Streets in the Senita subdivision.

Officers identified the vehicle in the same location six minutes later and conducted a “high risk” stop, according to an MPD report.

After being safely detained, Sanchez and Andrade allegedly told officers they attempted to sell marijuana to the person who phoned police earlier that night at a different location.

The report accuses Sanchez of admitting to possessing the marijuana that was for sale. Sanchez also allegedly told police he handed the drug to Andrade, who then allegedly handed it to the customer.

The recipient of the transaction left without paying for the marijuana, the pair told police.

Sanchez and Andrade told officers they drove to the customer’s residence “at which time (Sanchez) had taken (Andrade)’s gun and placed it in his lap and then had it showing outside of the window as they were in front of (the) home.”

Both suspects allegedly said they went to the residence to seek payment.

The report alleges the men told police they exited the vehicle and approached the home. Sanchez reportedly admitted to ringing the doorbell and puncturing the tire of the customer’s vehicle with a knife.

Officers searching the vehicle used by Sanchez and Andrade reportedly discovered a handgun and scales with “green, leafy residue” located in the rear passenger compartment near where Sanchez was sitting.

Andrade reportedly told police he owned the handgun for protection while conducting drug sales, according to the report.

Police forwarded identical charges against the pair.

Sanchez and Andrade could face charges of misconduct involving weapons (class 4 felony), possession of marijuana for sale (class 2-5 felony), possession of drug paraphernalia (class 6 felony), criminal damage (class 1-2 misdemeanor) and disorderly conduct (class 1 misdemeanor).

MPD transported the suspects to Pinal County Jail, where they remain in custody as of Tuesday afternoon.

ADOT photo

Troopers with the Arizona Department of Safety are investigating the cause of a one-vehicle accident on State Route 347 Tuesday morning.

The rollover crash reportedly occurred Aug. 28 at approximately 8:38 a.m. about a half-mile south of Casa Blanca Road.

“Preliminary information is the female driver of a passenger vehicle lost control of the vehicle, which rolled over and into a fence,” said DPS spokesman Quentin Mehr.

Emergency responders transported the driver to Chandler Regional Hospital. The extent of her injuries is unknown at this time.

Traffic in the area is slowed, but no lane closures are reported.



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Lots of sun and clear skies daily are forecast for Maricopa this week.

A week of mostly clear skies and steady, hot temperatures is in store for Maricopa, according to the National Weather Service, with no outlook for precipitation until the weekend.

Today will be sunny with breezes of 5-10 mph and a high near 105. The overnight low will be around 75. The subsequent days are expected to be nearly identical.

Tuesday expect a sunny day with a high near 104. The nighttime low will be around 75.

Wednesday is forecast to be sunny with a high near 104. The night will be mostly clear with a low around 76 and calm breezes.

Thursday sees a high near 106 and sunny skies. The night will be mostly clear with alow around 77.

Friday, too, will likely have a high near 106 under sunny skies and a nighttime low around 79 as winds increase slightly.

The weekend comes with growing chance of precipitation.

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The office of Senator John McCain released the following statement today: “Senator John Sidney McCain III died at 4:28pm on August 25, 2018. With the Senator when he passed were his wife Cindy and their family. At his death, he had served the United States of America faithfully for sixty years.”

The official memorial schedule will be announced once arrangements have been finalized.

Obituary of John Sidney McCain III, 1936 – 2018


Senator John McCain’s remarkable record of leadership embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service. The son and grandson of distinguished Navy Admirals, Senator McCain graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958, and served as a Naval aviator for 22 years, including in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

On October 26, 1967, during Senator McCain’s 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam, a missile struck his plane and forced him to eject, knocking him unconscious and breaking both his arms and his leg.

Senator McCain was taken as a prisoner of war into the now-infamous “Hanoi Hilton,” where he was denied needed medical treatment and subjected to years of torture by the North Vietnamese. He spent much of his time as a prisoner of war in solitary confinement, aided by his faith and the friendships of his fellow POWs.

When he was finally released and able to return home years later, Senator McCain continued his service by regaining his naval flight status.

His last Navy duty assignment was to serve as the naval liaison to the United States Senate. He retired from the Navy in 1981. His naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Senator McCain was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona in 1982 and elected to the United States Senate in 1986. He was the Republican Party’s nominee for president in the 2008 election.

Over the course of his career, Senator McCain served as Chairman of the Senate Committees on Indian Affairs, Commerce, Science and Transportation, and most recently, Armed Services.

Senator McCain is survived by his wife, Cindy, seven children and five grandchildren. He will be laid to rest at the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland.

What others are saying:

Gov. Doug Ducey, who will appoint a replacement to serve through 2020: “John McCain is one American who will never be forgotten. He was a giant. An icon. An American hero. But here at home, we were most proud to call him a fellow Arizonan. Like so many of us, he was not born here, but his spirit, service and fierce independence shaped the state with which he became synonymous.
Angela and I join all Arizonans in praying for Cindy and the entire McCain family during this difficult time and offering our full support.
As we mourn his passing and celebrate his truly phenomenal life, we’re also faced with the void John McCain’s absence leaves in the heart and soul of our nation.
John McCain fought for America every day — from the Navy through Vietnam to the U.S. Senate. He fought for what he thought was right, even when it wasn’t popular. His dogged patriotism and passion for country made him an inspiration, and a model, for all of us.
John McCain was about more than politics. He brought us above partisanship and challenged us to be great.
He once told us, ‘We’re Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history.’
May his life and legacy continue to inspire us to build a future for this country, and a history for this country, that would make John McCain proud.”

Sen. Jeff Flake: “Words cannot express the sorrow I feel at John McCain’s passing. The world has lost a hero and a statesman. Cindy and the McCain family have lost a loving husband and father. I have lost a wonderful friend.”

President Donald J. Trump: “My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!”

First Lady Melania Trump: “Our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathy to the McCain Family. Thank you Senator McCain for your service to the nation.”

Former President Barack Obama: “John McCain and I were members of different generations, came from completely different backgrounds, and competed at the highest level of politics. But we shared, for all our differences, a fidelity to something higher – the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike have fought, marched, and sacrificed. We saw our political battles, even, as a privilege, something noble, an opportunity to serve as stewards of those high ideals at home, and to advance them around the world. We saw this country as a place where anything is possible – and citizenship as our patriotic obligation to ensure it forever remains that way.
Few of us have been tested the way John once was, or required to show the kind of courage that he did. But all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. At John’s best, he showed us what that means. And for that, we are all in his debt. Michelle and I send our most heartfelt condolences to Cindy and their family.”

Former President George W. Bush: “Some lives are so vivid, it is difficult to imagine them ended. Some voices are so vibrant, it is hard to think of them stilled. John McCain was a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order. He was a public servant in the finest traditions of our country. And to me, he was a friend whom I’ll deeply miss. Laura and I send our heartfelt sympathies to Cindy and the entire McCain family, and our thanks to God for the life of John McCain.”

State Sen. Steve Smith: “‏After a lifetime of service, praying that SenJohnMcCain is with our Lord Jesus in Heaven and praying for comfort for his family.”

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines: “American hero, legendary patriot, larger than life. Thee are just a few of the words that describe the incredible man Senator John McCain was.
Senator McCain was not only cherished by the Arizonans he represented in Congress and the U.S. Senate, but by the nation he served in the U.S. Navy. He was more than just an Arizona Senator. He was an icon, a statesman and someone I was honored to call my friend.
Hearing the news of his passing today filled our hearts with so much grief. The AZGOP family, the state of Arizona and the entire nation will always remember your bravery and outstanding character. Please join Rosalie and I in keeping the Senator and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you, Senator McCain for your lifelong service to our country. May your legacy continue to inspire so many others the way it has inspire all of us.”

Russ Tamblyn, actor: “‏John McCain was tough as nails and the kind of decent moral Statesman I may not have agreed with but always respected. With him dies the moral compass of the Republican Party. God speed, Senator. You were a diamond in the shrapnel.”

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Maricopa Mayor Christian Price holds the gavel as league president.

Mayor Christian Price has been named president of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.

The organization held its annual conference this week in Phoenix. The 25-member executive committee represents the interests of 91 municipalities.

“It is a tremendous honor and incredible responsibility to be elected president of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns,” Price said. “This position gives Maricopa unprecedented access to state lawmakers, helps to protect her interests and recognizes Maricopa as an influential participant in statewide policy-making.”

The league offers resources and technical assistance to municipalities and represents the league on issues before the Legislature that could impact local government.

Committee officers are elected to two-year terms. Price was the treasurer. He will replace Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny as president.

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Maricopa's weekend weather is forecast to be a mix of sun, rain and coarse particles. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

A weekend of temperatures in the low 100s and some chances of rain are in Maricopa’s forecast, according to the National Weather Service.

Today, there is a 20-percent chance of showers but mostly sunny skies and a steady temperature around 98 this afternoon. The night will be partly cloudy with a low around 79.

Friday includes a high pollution advisory for Pinal County. According to the county’s Department of Air Quality, an episode of strong and gusty winds is forecast to generate widespread blowing dust that may result in local coarse particle concentrations that pose a health risk. Adverse health effects increase as air quality deteriorates. The day will be mostly sunny with a high near 101. Overnight there is a 20 percent chance of rain a low around 79.

Saturday is expected to be mostly sunny with a high near 102. There is a 10-percent chance of rain before 11 p.m. The night willbe partly cloudy with a low around 79.

Sunday includes a 10-percent chance of showers in the morning but the day is expected to be mostly sunny with a high near 104. The nighttime low will be around 78.

Next week is expected to have lots of sun and daytime temperatures over 105.

Photo by Mason Callejas

At least one person was injured in a collision Thursday at the intersection of Porter Road and Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.

A PT Cruiser and a pickup truck were involved in the incident, which caused temporary lane closures. A woman was described as having lacerations from broken glass.

MPD is directing traffic at the location while investigating. The incident occurred around noon.

A dust storm heading toward the Maricopa area from the east.

The National Weather Service has issued a Dust Storm Warning for Pinal County including the Maricopa area until 6:15 p.m.

An area of blowing dust was over Arizola and Casa Grande at 5:30 p.m. and moving south. There is less than a quarter-mile visibility with strong wind in excess of 40 mph. The conditions are considered dangerous and life-threatening to travel. Dust is expected to impact Interstate 10 and Interstate 8 as well as State Route 87.

If driving, avoid dust storms if possible. If caught in one, pull off the road, turn off your lights and keep your foot off the brake.

Thomas Sikes (left) and Bryon Carrillo face charges after a crash killed two of their friends Sunday. MCSO photos


Detectives arrested two men from Maricopa in connection to a fatal accident that claimed the life of two other passengers in the Valley.

The one-vehicle crash reportedly occurred Sunday at approximately 1:30 a.m. on southbound State Route 143 near the Interstate 10 junction. Maricopa resident Johnnie Verdoza, 21, and Carlos E. Monteverde Garcia, 25, from Sonora, Mexico, were killed in the wreck, according to DPS.

The alleged driver, 22-year-old Thomas Robert Sikes, is facing two counts of suspicion of manslaughter and one count of endangerment. Sikes’ passenger, Bryon Jesus Carrillo, 21, is accused of obstruction of a criminal investigation.

The heavily damaged 2015 Nissan passenger vehicle was discovered during the early morning hours of Aug. 19 by a DPS trooper responding to a report of an unknown injury crash.

“After a walk though of the area, the trooper was unable to locate the driver of the vehicle or victims from the crash,” the DPS news release states.

The bodies of the victims were eventually discovered hours later.

At 9 p.m. Aug. 19, family members of one of the victims found the bodies approximately 50 feet south of the crash scene. The family tracked a cell phone signal to the location and reported it to Phoenix Police.

The DPS report states the bodies appeared to have been concealed with foliage.

The Pinal County Sherriff’s Office later notified DPS they received a call from Carrillo, a surviving passenger.

Adriana Colin-Lemus has also been charged in the incident. MCSO photo

Carrillo reportedly told law enforcement he and his friends were headed home to Maricopa after leaving a bar in Tempe at the time of the crash.

The report includes Carrillo’s recollection of what came after the wreck. He describes climbing out of the vehicle and his unsuccessful attempt to locate the two friends allegedly missing from the car.

Carrillo accused Sikes of encouraging him to leave the area together, according to the report.

Later, Sikes’ girlfriend reportedly picked up the pair at a nearby gas station. None of them called emergency responders to report the fatal crash, DPS said.

The girlfriend, 25-year-old Adriana Colin-Lemus of Peoria, is suspected of hindering prosecution.

Sikes, Carrillo and Colin-Lemus and are being held in Maricopa County Jail.

Diana Edwards. PCSO photo

A man called law enforcement last week after his wife discovered a woman attempting to break into their home.

Diana Edwards, 32, is suspected of aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, possession of dangerous drugs and paraphernalia and second-degree burglary. The woman was also wanted on two felony warrants at the time of her arrest.

The incident allegedly occurred Aug. 12 at approximately 11:11 a.m. at a residence on Cielo Lane in Maricopa, according to a Maricopa Police Department report.

Edwards is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of the man living in the home.

According to the report, the man’s wife observed an unknown woman banging on the front door of the residence and attempting to gain access inside. The wife alerted her husband to the situation, and he “ran upstairs and retrieved a pistol in order to defend his wife and himself,” the man reportedly told MPD.

By the time the husband returned to the front door, the police report alleges Edwards had ran to the back of the residence and entered the home through an unlocked patio door.

After a verbal confrontation between the man and Edwards, she reportedly exited the home and jumped into the yard next door.

Upon police arrival, Edwards allegedly began resisting arrest by attempting to pull away from officers, according to the report.

Edwards is also accused in the report of kicking officers and attempting to bite a lieutenant three times while being secured in the back seat of a patrol vehicle.

MPD reportedly discovered a syringe of clear liquid that was later identified as amphetamine.

Edwards was transported to the hospital for having difficulty breathing “and it was discovered she had taken close to 100 various types of benzodiazepine pills,” the report alleges. The suspect was transported to the Pinal County Jail after being medically cleared.

Edwards was reportedly wanted on two felony warrants before her arrest Aug. 12, according to court documents.

The first, from an incident in October 2016, was four counts relating to forgery.

The second warrant included charges of unlawful flight from pursuing a police officer and drug possession/use from January 2018. A $5,000 bond is assigned to each of those warrants.

Edwards is also being held on an additional $10,000 bond for the aggravated assault on the peace officer charge.

Edwards is facing multiple felony charges including, burglary in the second degree (Class 3 felony); possession of drug paraphernalia (Class 6 felony); Resisting arrest (Class 6 felony); and aggravated assault against a peace officer (Class 6 felony).

A class 1 misdemeanor was included in Edwards’ host of charges for allegedly driving on a suspended license in 2012, according to court documents.

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Clouds are expected to visit Maricopa each day this week. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

There is a slight probability for rain each day this week in Maricopa, according to the National Weather Service.

Today, after a mostly sunny day with a high near 107 degrees F, a 20-percent chance of showers will develop. Patchy, blowing dust is expected before 11 p.m., with an overnight low around 81.

Tuesday brings a 30-percent chance of rain, mainly after 11 a.m., and a high of around 101. The possibility of rain continues into the evening, and the overnight low will be around 79.

Wednesday is forecast to be mostly sunny with a 10-percent chance of rain and a high near 103. The nighttime low will be around 80 as the chance of rain increases to 20 percent.

Thursday and for the rest of the week, a 10-percent chance of rain will linger. Thursday’s forecast high is near 100, while the overnight low will be around 80.

Friday will be mostly sunny with a high near 102, according to the NWS. The nighttime low is again expected to be 80 degrees under partly cloudy skies.

That leads to a weekend in the low 100s and a continuing tease of precipitation.

IHOP is asking for variances from the city code.

After the developer hinted months ago about a breakfast-oriented restaurant being interested in Edison Pointe, a major player is making early steps to build.

On behalf of IHOP (International House of Pancakes), the Romulus Restaurant Group has applied for a variance at the location at 20595 N. John Wayne Parkway.

Aug. 22, the city’s Board of Adjustment will host a public hearing for comments on the requests. The company is seeking a reduction in the maximum setback requirement and a variance of the code requirement of transparent windows. The board is then set to take action on the requests.

The meeting starts at 4 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall.

The IHOP chain is celebrating its 60th year in business, founded in July 1958 in California. It now has 1,650 locations. It is a subsidiary of DineEquity.

Water is over the road at both crossings on Rancho El Dorado Parkway.

Maricopa Police Department has closed both wash crossings on Rancho El Dorado Parkway due to water on the road.

Tucson and other communities south of the Maricopa area continue to have rain and flood warnings. That water is expected to flow north through the Santa Rosa Wash.

There is a flash flood watch in place until 8 p.m. for Pima County and southern and western Pinal County.

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Working by spotlight in the early morning to beat the monsoon heat, workers continue construction on an overpass. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

A slight possibility for rain lingers this weekend, but temperatures will quickly return to triple digits, according to the National Weather Service.

Today, enjoy a high of just 98 degrees while there is a 20-percent chance of showers. The skies will continue to be partly cloudy into evening, when the low is around 78.

Friday, forecast sees mostly suny skies and high near 103 with light winds for the start of high school football season. The night has just a 10-percent chance of rain and low of around 80.

Saturday there is a 10-percent chance of rain despite mostly sunny skies. The high will be near 107. Overnight, skies are exptected to be partly cloudy and the low temperature around 81.

Sunday rounds out the weekend with a predicted sunny day and a high of 108. The night will be mostly clear with alow around 81.

That will lead into a week that forecasts more monsoon-like weather patterns of rain and hot temperatures.

Marcos Martinez is accused of the brutal murder of Vicky Ten Hoven. (photos PCSO/Facebook)

A man accused of his killing his grandmother in Maricopa has been deemed incompetent to stand trial.

However, Marcos Martinez may receive medical help to be able to function for a court trial in the future.

Pinal County Superior Court Judge Patrick Gard ruled Wednesday Martinez is “not competent but restorable.” Martinez underwent mental evaluations in May after his counsel told the court he refused to meet with attorneys.

Martinez is accused of murdering Vicky Ten Hoven, with whom he lived in Rancho El Dorado. She was found beaten and stabbed Jan. 28.

Court records showed Martinez had previously been involuntarily committed for mental health issues.

The court is determining if a local doctor or Yavapai County doctor will work with Martinez to restore his mental faculties. A hearing on the possibilities of restoration is set for Sept. 19.


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Expect rain clouds to be a frequent visitor this week in Maricopa.

A chance of rain lingers throughout the week, with heavy rain forcast Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

Today seeks mostly sunny skies and a high near 104 degrees F and breezes up to 15 mph. Tonight, there is a 10-percent chance of rain and a low around 81.

Tuesday is expected to be mostly sunny during the day with a high of 105. By nightfall, a 20-percent chance of rain will develop, and the low will be around 81. Winds will gust as high as 20 mph.

Wednesday, there is a 20-percent chance of rain during the day and an expected high of 101. By evening, the forecast calls for a 50-percent chance of rain possibly measuring a quarter inch to a half inch. The overnight low may be around 77.

Thursday, the forecast sees a 30-percent chance of rain during the day and a high of 98. That lessens to a 20-percent chance of precipitation overnight and a low of 79.

Friday also has a 20-percent chance of rain and partly sunny skies. The high may be near 103. The overnight low will be around 80.

The weekend brings decreased possibility for showers and high temperatures in the low 100s.

To the north, South Mountain is masked by a dust storm preceding monsoon rains as it moves southwest across the Gila River Indian Community. View looking west along Riggs road near SR347 around 7:45 p.m. Aug. 8. Photo by Mason Callejas

High winds are likely to bring an increased chance of rain over the weekend which could combine with runoff from southern storms to make for exciting and potentially hazardous conditions, possibly producing floods.

The National Weather Service is predicting a 10-40 percent chance of rain for Maricopa well into next week.

Increased precipitation and windy conditions, while dangerous, could also help keep temperatures down in the double digits until Sunday when the thermometer begins to rise again, possibly signaling a humid start to next week.

Thursday night looks to be windy with gusts up to 40 mph while a chance of rain increases to 40 percent and temperatures dip to a low of around 79.

Friday will likely be much calmer with winds staying down around 10 mph with a 20-30 percent chance of rain, a high around 99 and a low near 81.

Saturday should again be relatively calm with a 20-30 percent chance of rain, a high of around 99 and a low near 80.

Sunday looks to also be calm with only a 10-20 percent chance of rain, a high around 103 and a low near 82.

Monday will likely also see calm skies with a persistent 10-20 percent chance of rain, a high around 105 and a low near 82.

Jalen Lee (PCSO photo)

Detectives investigating an assault on a minor at Copper Sky nabbed the accused offender with a long rap sheet last week.

Maricopa Police arrested 21-year-old Jalen Lee Aug. 2 on suspicion of aggravated assault against a minor under 15 years of age. He’s also suspected of armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges in 2016.

Lee’s most recent arrest came nearly one month after the alleged assault took place at Copper Sky Park July 5.

At that time, officers responded to reports of a fight at Copper Sky where a minor told them he was approached by two men he didn’t know, according to a Maricopa Police Department report.

One man reportedly asked the victim how old he was. When the minor told him, the other male, later identified as Lee, allegedly said, “I don’t give a f—” and struck the victim in the face.

“(The victim) stated he fell to the ground and was hit by the same unknown person multiple times,” the report alleges.

The two men then fled the scene, but not before several people witnessed the altercation, according to the report.

An older friend who was with the victim at the time of the alleged assault but had run away at the sight of the two men approaching spoke with MPD later that night. The friend told police he has a “beef” with Lee and identified Lee as the person who hit the victim, according to the report.

Detectives identified Lee as their primary suspect and generated a photo lineup using Lee’s Arizona driver’s license.

At the victim’s residence on Aug. 1, his mother told detectives she had learned new information in the weeks that had passed since the assault that would help in identifying the suspect. She said her son’s friend, who spoke with police in July, sent her a picture of Lee from Snapchat and identified him as the person who hit the victim, the report stated.

“(The victim’s friend) confessed to (the mother) that he had a ‘beef’ with (Lee), not (the victim),” according to the report.

The mother posted the Snapchat photo reportedly of Lee to Facebook and asked the public’s assistance in identifying him.

The report alleges several people came forward with Lee’s name, identifying him as the man in the photo.

The victim also identified the man in the photo as the person who assaulted him. Police said Lee’s driver’s license photo matched the man in the Snapchat image.

Police arrested and interviewed Lee the following day. Lee reportedly denied involvement in the assault and “claims officers have the wrong person,” according to the report. Lee is being held in the Pinal County Jail on a $50,000 bond on a slew of charges, most of them unrelated to the Copper Sky assault.

Lee is suspected of aggravated robbery (class 3 felony); armed robbery (class 2 felony); aggravated assault against a minor under 15 years of age (class 2 felony); aggravated assault using a deadly weapon or instrument (class 3 felony); and DUI.

Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Dutch Bros. received a variance from the City’s Board of Adjustments July 17 to change the maximum setback on the property on John Wayne Parkway north of Fast & Friendly Car Wash where it plans to build a store. Tom Glissmeyer, director of development for Via West Group, said the existing water easement on the property was an impediment to complying with the setback standard. The variance increased the maximum setback 168 percent and places the front of the building more than 67 feet from the property line.

 Ross Dress for Less, ahead of its July 21 opening, installed a low-voltage, anti-shop-lifting system at the front door of its store at 205951 N. John Wayne Parkway. The store also received a permit July 16 for four signs with internal LED illumination.

Daycare owner Marie Garcia, 43595 W. Chambers Court, passed fire inspection June 27.

KB Home received a permit June 20 to remodel a home garage at 18174 N. Christopher Drive into a temporary sales office. The project is valued at $10,000. KB Home also received a permit for sales/construction office at 20209 N. Lauren Road in Homestead and picked up a temporary-use permit for its model home complex at 20181 N. Lauren Road.

An empty office space at 20924 N. John Parkway is being re-worked, with Desert Metropolitan receiving a permit for interior demolition. The work is valued at $7,800.

Jiffy Lube, being built at 37306 W. Merced St. west of Walmart, had a flow test for its underground fire line and hydrant June 27.

EdKey Inc.’s Sequoia Pathway Academy received the OK June 28 for factory-built modular classroom buildings at the campus, 19265 N. Porter Road. The classroom space is estimated at 62-by-70 feet with electric but no water or sewer. The project is valued at $30,000.

Community of Hope continued its remodel at 45295 W. Honeycutt Ave. with July 11 permits for remodel and relocation of factory-built building of three modular buildings, valued at $20,000.

Burger King, 20699 N. John Wayne Parkway, received a permit June 19 to install a fire alarm for its business, which opened July 21. July 17, it was granted a permit for eight grand-opening pennants to be in place until Oct. 16.

Legacy Charter’s new Sunrise Preschool received a permit July 3 for a fire alarm panel and smoke detector for its facility currently under construction at 19287 N. Porter Road. The project also received a permit for plywood signs on wood posts.

WingStop, to be located at 20555 N. John Wayne Parkway, received a permit for two internally illuminated wall signs, at a value of $2,388.

Maricopa Wells Veterinary Hospital was given approval July 5 for a temporary banner to be in place until Sept. 11.

This item appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.

Only three Maricopa eateries were inspected by the health department of Pinal County June 16-July 15. All three earned excellent ratings.

Excellent [No violations found]
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Firehouse Subs

Satisfactory [Violations corrected during inspection]

Needs Improvement [Critical items noted during inspection cannot be corrected immediately requiring follow-up inspection]

Unacceptable [Gross, unsanitary conditions necessitating the discontinuation of service]

This item appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo courtesy of Maricopa Historical Society

Decades before Maricopa incorporated, the center point of the community was the school. Some of these fresh faces may still be familiar to long-time residents.

Front row: Frances Brown, Trini Sanchez, Linda Miller, Roberta Tow, Alice Fay Suiter, Edna Farrell, Rosemary Peters, Kathy Conner. Middle row: Goldie Mullins, Jean Thornhill, Norma Ruth Blackwood, Mollie Norris, Dean Green, Jimmy Matheny, Ray Hernandez, Vern Rhoton. Back row: Harry Goodman, Dorothy Reed, Gerlene Sadler, Carrol Hamon, Billy Tow, Marvin Enos, Craig Cooper, Henry Bandin, Johnny White.

Anyone working outside today should take precautions against extreme heat. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Temperatures will be sizzling to start the week, but wind and rain may return midweek, according to the National Weather Service.

Today, Maricopa is under an excessive heat warning from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The high temperature is expected to be 113 degrees F under sunny skies. An Excessive Heat Warning means that a period of very hot temperatures, even by local standards, will occur. Actions should be taken to lessen the impact. See below for details. The evening will be mostly clear with a low around 86.

Tuesday, the forecast sees a mostly sunny day with a high near 111. Overnight, the low will be around 85 and a 10-percent chance of rain will develop.

Wednesday, expect the temperature to drop, with a possible high of only 105. There is a 10-percent chance of showers, and breezes will be up to 15 mph. There is a 30-percent chance of rain before 11 p.m., when the low will be around 81. Breezes of 5-15 mph will have gusts as high as 20 mph.

Thursday may be the coolest day of the week, with an expected high of 103 under partly sunny skies. Overnight, there may be a 20-percent chance of rain and a low around 80 with winds of 10-15 mph.

Friday comes with a 10 percent chance of rain after 11 a.m. that increases to 30 percent before 11 p.m. The high is expected to be near 104 while the wind gusts up to 20 mph. The nighttime low will be around 80 with continuing wind.

That leads to a weekend that, from this distance, looks to stay below 105 degrees and bring with it possibilities for rain.

Excessive Heat Warning Advice from NWS:

Stay indoors and seek air-conditioned buildings. Drink water, more than usual, and avoid dehydrating alcoholic, sugary or caffeinated drinks. Dress for the heat – lightweight and light- colored clothing. Eat small meals and eat more often. Monitor those with a higher vulnerability to heat, including small children. Check in on family, friends, and neighbors, especially the elderly. If engaging in outdoor activity, take longer and ore frequent breaks and avoid the hottest parts of the day. Never leave kids or pets unattended in cars.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness. Early signs include thirst and muscle cramps. Heat exhaustion may include: cool, moist, pale skin; headache; dizziness; weakness or exhaustion; nausea. The most serious illness is heat stroke, which may include: vomiting; confusion; throbbing headache; decreased alertness or loss of consciousness; high body temperature (above 105 F); hot, dry skin; rapid, weak pulse; rapid, shallow breathing; seizures.

A home caught fire early Saturday morning in the Villages, but no injuries were reported.

Three adults and two children were at home in the 43600 block of West McClelland Court. according to Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricardo Alvarado. Maricopa Fire/Medical Department received the call at 3:26 a.m.

“The house was fully engulfed from the garage area,” Alvarado said. Six Maricopa engine companies responded along with units from Phoenix and Chandler.

The cause is under investigation.

Photo by Michelle Chance

Butterfield Parkway continued to show the impact of a broken water main. Thursday, the roadway was flooded north of Butterfield Elementary School and eventually had to be closed to traffic along with Duncan Drive.

Global Water customers briefly experienced brown water until crews reconfigured the supply flow. The reason for the breakage is still unknown.

“The water main cracked, but there was no obvious cause of the crack when we excavated down to the pipe,” Global Water General Manager Jon Corwin said.

The situation was exacerbated by a monsoon-type storm that dumped more water in the work area.

Work crews temporarily had the road reopen Friday, but closed Duncan again for continued street repair Saturday.

A monsoon-like storm hit the Maricopa area Thursday with blowing dust and more than an inch of rain, according to local Weather Underground locations.

The storm damaged and knocked over trees all over the community. Electrical power was knocked out in small pockets of Electrical District No. 3’s service area. Water also covered portions of several roadways.

The City of Maricopa announced the availability of a free 24-hour drop-off location for trees that were knocked down during the storm. Residents can haul their trees to 45145 W. Madison Ave., the former City Hall location  through Aug. 16. Call 520-316-6946 for more information.



Sunny and hot is the forecast for Maricopa's weekend, with some air pollution expected Friday. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

An air pollution warning is part of a hot and dry weekend forecast for Maricopa, according to the National Weather Service. A 40-percent chance of rain tonight with patchy blowing dust will settle into mostly sunny days.

Tonight, expect showers before midnight and strong breezes gusting up to 25 mph. The low will be around 85 degrees F.

Friday, there will be a 10-percent chance of showers before noon while a high pollution advisory is in place. Pinal County Department of Air Quality is expecting conditions to cause unhealthy ozone concentrations. The day is forecast to be mostly sunny with a high near 107. The overnight low will be around 83.

Saturday, the temperature may climb back to 110 for a sunny and hot day. The night will be mostly clearn with a low around 84.

Sunday looks to be sunny with a high near 109 and a nighttime low around 83.

That leads into a familiar week of triple-digit daytime temperatures and only slight possibilities for rain.

A Maricopa firefighter works a hydrant, though water was not necessary to shut down the situation. Photo by Michelle Chance

An estimated 1,000 Maricopa High School students were evacuated from the two-story 100 building Thursday morning after a report of smoke.

Maricopa Fire/Medical Department officials said a power surge caused light valances on the top floor to burn. MFMD had six vehicles on location.

Students were initially taken to the football field, but school officials soon began the process of moving them to a cooler location. Maricopa Unified School District spokesman Tom Beckett said the students would be taken to the gymnasium before first lunch.

No injuries were reported, according to MFMD Fire Marshal Eddie Rodriguez. The school sent out messages to parents indicating there was no need to pick up their children and the building was expected to be inhabitable as soon as it is cleared by Electrical District No. 3.

Firefighters shut down electrical power and checked for hot spots. The smoke was first reported by students.

Leslee Martin (PCSO photo)

A Maricopa woman is accused of stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife in front of their two children in the Meadows last weekend.

The Maricopa Police Department arrested Leslee Martin, 40, at a residence on Belle Avenue July 28. She faces charges of aggravated assault, two counts of endangerment and two counts of disorderly conduct.

The incident reportedly began as a verbal argument between Martin and her husband at approximately 8:26 p.m.

“(The husband) was talking to a subject through text messages who his wife was planning on moving in with,” an MPD report alleged.

The subject later blocked Martin’s cell phone contact. The report alleges Martin became angry and began yelling at her husband. Martin’s husband then attempted to leave the home with the children.

As he exited the front door, the report states Martin’s husband set the children down next to him.

“(Martin) came running at (the victim) with a kitchen knife in her right hand and stabbed (the victim) in the left shoulder while slamming the door shut,” according to the report.

Martin’s husband was left with a three-quarters of an inch-wide stab wound to his shoulder. The report states he and the children then ran across the street.

Martin was arrested and transported to the Pinal County Jail, where she remains on a $10,000 secured bond. She’ll be in court Aug. 7 for a bond hearing.

In 2011, Martin pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge in Maricopa County Superior Court.


Drivers on John Wayne Parkway should allow extra travel time this weekend while pavement repairs are made. Arizona Department of Transportation will be making repairs that require narrowing the roadway to one lane in each direction.

The following restrictions are in place between Edison and Smith-Enke roads this weekend:

  • SR 347 will be narrowed to one lane in each direction from at 9 p.m. Aug. 3 to 7 p.m. Aug. 5.
  • Work will occur in the right lane from 9 p.m. Aug. 3 to 7 p.m. Aug. 4.
  • Work will occur in the left lane from 7 p.m. Aug. 4 to 7 p.m. Aug. 5.

Crews are scheduled to mill out and replace the pavement in the 2-mile work zone. Schedules are subject to change based on weather and unforeseen factors. ADOT will maintain access to businesses while work is underway.

Aaron Vasquez (MCSO photo 2014)


Residents left their Homestead neighborhood early Friday morning to discover numerous agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation swarming a nearby home.

The investigation at a residence on Mac Neil Street July 27 was linked to the arrest of an armed robbery suspect the same day, the FBI confirmed Tuesday.

Aaron Vasquez, 23, was arrested in connection with an armed robbery of a fast food restaurant on Alma School Road in Chandler on May 28.

A series of ongoing armed robberies in May across the valley caught the FBI’s attention and led the agency to believe Vasquez was engaged in “at least 15 armed robberies of various fast food restaurants between September 13, 2017 and July 19, 2018,” according to an FBI press release published Tuesday.

The alleged robberies took place in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe.

Details in the press release allege search warrants executed by the FBI and partner law enforcement agencies last Friday recovered items and clothing similar to items used in various robberies.

“In each robbery, the individual utilized a similar handgun and was described with similar physical characteristics,” the release stated.

The FBI charged Vasquez in a complaint filed in federal court that formally accuses him of the Chandler armed robbery in May but reported possible additional charges may follow in connection to the others.

The Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe police departments contributed resources to the investigation, according to the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force.

“This is another example of Arizona law enforcement agencies working together to protect our communities from violent crime,” said Michael DeLeon, special agent in charge of the FBI Phoenix Field Office.

The Maricopa Police Department said Friday the FBI notified the department of their presence at the address in Homestead. MPD was not on scene July 27, according to MPD Sgt. Hal Koozer.

Vasquez has a previous weapons misconduct conviction out of Maricopa County Superior Court in 2014.