The other shoe finally dropped.

The football programs of Maricopa and Central high schools were given an official warning by the Arizona Interscholastic Association at a Monday board meeting, the result of an altercation between the head coaches after the Sept. 14 game.

The violations were self-reported.

Central reported its own coach, Jon Clanton, was the aggressor in the Homecoming night incident. The report stated Clanton pulled Maricopa head coach Brandon Harris into him during the post-game handshakes and yelled expletives at him after the Rams won 55-0. He then knocked off Harris’ visor as the Maricopa coach verbally engaged with him.

Clanton was placed on administrative leave, where he has remained.

As for Maricopa, it reported the situation was quickly put under control by the actions of students, assistant coaches and administrators. The school suspended Harris for one game.

According to AIA bylaws, a warning “places a school in jeopardy in that further violation of any rules or regulations may result in probation.”

At the same AIA board meeting, the MHS volleyball program was given “advisement” after it played a transfer student who had not sat out 50 percent of the season. Advisement is a word of caution.


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