Mother accused of aggravated assault

A Maricopa woman was jailed Dec. 8 by the Maricopa Police Department on accusations of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, aggravated assault per domestic violence and threatening per domestic violence.

According to the police report, MPD responded to a call on West Belle Avenue in Maricopa Meadows around 6 p.m. When officers arrived, Felicia Nasta’s daughter stated her mother was having an “episode” and threatened to “smash her nose into her brain,” according to the report. Nasta allegedly struck her daughter in the back of her head with an open hand when the daughter tried to walk away.

The daughter was reported to be “visibly upset, crying and shaking” when officers arrived, and she was checked out by Maricopa Fire Department personnel for dizziness and a headache resulting from the reported blow to the back of her head.

A second witness to the scene confirmed hearing the threats but did not see a physical altercation.

According to the police report, “While attempting to take [Nasta] into custody, the defendant bit an arresting officer on the back of the hand, leaving a small laceration.”

Nasta was transported to Chandler Regional Medical Center. After she was placed in custody, she admitted to ingesting “multiple pills,” according to the police report. Nasta said later she had taken her anxiety medication.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety was contacted after “consistent statements among the defendant’s children” demonstrated feelings of being unsafe around their mother, and growing concerns that she was becoming increasingly aggressive and verbally abusive.

Four of the six children were in the home were picked by their father, according to Nasta. The other two minors remained with Nasta’s current husband, who is their father, while Nasta was in Pinal County jail for two days.

Nasta said the domestic situation and accusations have been part of a custody battle with her ex-husband. She denied striking her daughter and said she is due in family court on Thursday.


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