The Maricopa Unified School District said good-bye to the old and hello to the new at Wednesday’s governing board meeting.

Current governing board president Shannon Amos swore in the three, newly elected board members who will take their seats at the next board meeting.

They will be replacing the departing Amos and Jim Chaston, as well as interim appointee Tyree Miller.

Amos and Chaston have served on the board for the last four years but chose not to run for election this past November for a variety of reasons.

“I wanted to spend more time with my family,” Amos said.

Chaston said,” It was just time for me to go.”

For their four years of service Superintendent John Flores presented the two departing members with plaques to commemorate their service to the district. “These gentleman did a great service by serving their community,” Flores said.

Looking back on their four years of service the thing both departing members said they feel will be their lasting legacy in the district is how they handled the growth.

“We were part of getting some wonderful schools built,” Chaston said.

One of the remaining board members, Tim White, said even though he and the two departing members have had their share of disagreements, he is proud to have served with the two men.

“This is a low-paying position that comes with little reward. I admire anyone who takes the time out of their life to sit on the board,” White said.

However, before their last board meeting could come to an end, District Volunteer Coordinator Margaret Jackson approached the microphone to thank the two men for their service and to let them know now that they have some free time the school is always looking for volunteers.

“I plan on staying involved,” Amos said.

Chaston offered up some advice to the incoming board members. “Keep lines of communication open and have a thick skin,” he said.

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