An insistent patient with a particularly difficult orthodontia case has earned a local orthodontist an award at a company conference in Las Vegas.

Dustin Coles, DDS, of Premier Orthodontics was in an Invisalign “Summit Case Shootout” with hundreds of orthodontists across the country. They submitted their most difficult cases with which they had success. In October, Coles was told he was in the top four.

At the Invisalign conference in front of 1,200 people, he was announced as the winner out of 350 cases.

Coles described his case as having “significant crowning, crooked and not a lot of space to work with.”

Initially, Coles assumed braces were the only answer for straightening the patient’s teeth.

“I wasn’t sure if I could do this or not, but he convinced me to do the alignment,” Coles said.

So he got to work, removed a couple of teeth and undertook the long treatment – successfully.

At the Invisalign Summit, the orthodontists each gave a 10-minute presentation of their challenging case.


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