“Talk about a workout, I get on this thing, go around the block and I’m exhausted,” said resident, Robert Reynolds.  “It’s fun though.”

Reynolds recently won a Trikke from his work at Harrah’s Casino, where he goes by the nickname of “Frenchie.” The Trikke looks like a three-wheeled scooter, with one exception—your feet don’t touch the ground. Similar to a motion used in cross country skiing, the Trikke makes riders twist, turn and shove to go forward. Reynolds says he can really feel it working his legs, back and abdomen.

“It’s a little weird at first, and I fell off when I first tried it,” said Reynolds. He showed a nice purple bruise that came from learning to ride it. “I got used to it though and can make my way pretty fast now.”

Invented by Gildo Beleski, the Trikke was first introduced on the market in 2002. In 2005, the Skii was added for snow lovers. The growing success of Trikke led to the Tribred, which uses an electric motor to assist users for longer distances.

Right now, Sports Chalet is the only major retail store authorized to sell the Trikke, but according to CEO John Simpson, they are also looking at Dick’s Sporting Goods. There are private authorized dealers throughout the United States, including one at Javelina Cycles in Chandler. The average cost for a Trikke is about $300, and the electric ones run about $1,900. They also have kids’ versions for anywhere from $99 to $199. They even have certified trainers that teach new riders and provide workout routines.

“We have a passionate following of folks that have weight loss stories, get fit stories, rehabilitation stories and the common theme is no impact, full-body fitness that is always fun and never boring,” said CEO John Simpson.

Reynolds agreed. “I can really feel everything tightening up. I can’t stand to do sit ups, but I have to work off these love handles,” smiled Reynolds. “I think this is the best thing I ever found for them.”

For more information on dealers, trainers, and on-line purchases go to www.trikke.com


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