Butterfield Elementary first graders get vocal


More than 100 parents poured into the Butterfield Elementary School cafeteria on Thursday to watch 150 kids perform in a first-grade concert.

“It was a fabulous event, and we were ecstatic about the turnout,” said Janell Sarkozy, Butterfield Elementary music teacher.

The 150 children represented a 98 percent turnout, according to the music teacher; however, it was not only the number of kids, but the quality of the performance she said made her proud.

“These kids gave it their all and sounded really good,” she said.

Songs the kids performed were popular music classics from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the school theme song and other tunes.

However, the consensus favorite song of the night according to the teacher was Hot Chocolate from the Polar Express.

Photo by Michael K. Rich