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Young children are impressionable, which is why it’s important to set a good example. At Children’s Learning Adventure, Maricopa staff members embody the characteristics they teach their students; cultivating friendships, making healthy lifestyle habits, and taking responsibility for their choices through fun, exciting, and rewarding learning activities and interactions.

CEO Rick Sodja had this to say about the culture across the 40+ centers. “Every individual employee at Children’s Learning Adventure plays a pivotal role. From the corporate headquarters to center level positions across the country, each member plays an important role in the success of our company.”

Children’s Learning Adventure recognizes that their teachers work hard to engage students in interactive and structured learning activities. The teachers at Children’s Learning Adventure are dedicated to the success of every student, preparing each student for their future academic career. They are lifetime learners and always eager to grow with students.

Children’s Learning Adventure knows that one of the most crucial components of work is a work environment. The teachers at Children’s Learning Adventure are given a unique work environment, as each campus features eight to twelve specialty classrooms. The childcare center also utilizes a spiraling teaching approach, as teachers help their students learn to apply knowledge learned in their academic homeroom in specialty classroom activities and lessons. Each specialty classroom environment gives teachers the freedom to implement authentic learning activities, providing meaningful experiences for their students.

To encourage their employees to continuously work hard and grow with their students, Children’s Learning Adventure has created a unique way to motivate their staff members. By posting weekly “Teacher Spotlights” staff members strengths are showcased for families and peers to see. This also helps in creating an environment where their team is given the opportunity to celebrate fellow employees on their successes. Teacher spotlights have been created to highlight teachers that are going above and beyond in their classrooms. This positive reinforcement is a great way for Children’s Learning Adventure to show their employees how big of an impact they have on the company and on their students.

Children’s Learning Adventure in Maricopa is holding an Open House Saturday, Dec. 8. To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure, and to sign up for the upcoming open house, please visit www.childrenslearningadventure.com.


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