City: eegee’s pulled out secretly

eegee's meatball sub. [Wikimedia Commons]
An eegee's meatball sub. [Wikimedia Commons]

For a year and a half, an iconic Tucson diner touted plans to open shop in Maricopa. Now it’s giving the city an Irish goodbye. 

A recent leaked email confirmed eegee’s ditched its plans just this month after pining for a location in Maricopa since February last year. But the city is none the wiser. 

Brandon LaVorgna, a spokesperson for the city, told InMaricopa eegee’s has yet to notify the city it’s nixing the long-anticipated Maricopa location that was slated to open in the “very near future.” 

But that’s just the cost of doing business, he said. 

“It’s not unusual for businesses at that stage to decide to pull out of a project and not notify us,” LaVorgna said. “They are not required to do so.” 

Representatives from eegee’s neglected to respond to several requests for comment. 


  1. LaVorgna is right, not unusual at all here… this happens all the time with businesses that are allegedly coming to Maricopa, because the city fails to make an equitable deal with interested business entities, so they leave and go elsewhere before the deal is closed. Pretty sad that city leadership considers their ineptitude at attracting new businesses to Maricopa to just be “business as usual”.

    • These corporations generally don’t make any announcements when they pull out, because the reason is usually due to not reaching an equitable arrangement with the city, and bad mouthing cities where they opt out of opening a location is bad for business and reduces future franchise opportunities. Besides, it’s not Eegee’s that made the premature announcement in the first place – it was the City of Maricopa. So if there’s anyone to blame, it’s the city for getting people hyped before actually closing the deal.