Brad Kammeyer. Photo by Michelle Chance

Brad Kammeyer, 55, began painting two years ago. Since then, his portfolio has grown to over 731 pieces.

He paints nearly every day. On Sundays, he sometimes begins and finishes up to four original oil paintings.

A large, panoramic landscape of a cabin nestled at the foot of snow-capped mountains took Kammeyer 2.5 hours to complete.

His inspiration derives from visions inside his mind.

“I see a picture all of the time until I paint it,” Kammeyer said. “I’ll see dragons and, until I paint a few dragons, they won’t go away.”

Kammeyer’s passion is also what brings him joy. A handyman by trade, Kammeyer said he’s always wanted to paint, but never thought he’d be able to.

That’s until 27 months ago when he bought art supplies and got to work.

“I found a picture I had of a frozen tree and just tried to paint it. I didn’t know what I was doing,” Kammeyer said.

“Painting no. 1” by Brad Kammeyer

His “Painting no. 1” was practice that led the way for hundreds of wildlife scenes, southwest and forest landscapes, as well as floral portraits.

Kammeyer has since displayed his large collection at events around the city and has lectured at the Maricopa Public Library. Most recently, Kammeyer was named Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship’s featured artist during an exhibition March 8. His work is on display at MCE for the month.

“I have so much inside that’s trying to get out, and that’s all I can think about,” Kammeyer said.

Kammeyer has lived in Maricopa for 13 years and is originally from Idaho.


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