More than 44 million U.S. households were rentals in 2019, the last year the Census Bureau published reliable data on the breakdown. According to 2023 data, the average rent was $1,702.

That’s a lot of rent money going to landlords every month.

And while the advantages of owning and managing a rental property — a guaranteed revenue stream that’s mostly passive, tax benefits, solid investment history and a never—ending supply of tenants — are many, there are also a nest of potential pitfalls awaiting landlords.

The hassles of managing rental properties can be made easier, according to the experts at Crest Premier Property Management Team of Maricopa, who specialize in providing comprehensive services for property owners:

Tenant relations: Endless tenant calls and complaints are the bane of many landlords. Crest Premier can serve as the primary point of contact for tenants, handling all grievances and disputes promptly and professionally. Fair lease agreements and enforcement policies help provide peace of mind.

Marketing: Many landlords do not know how to maximize a property’s potential. That is the expertise of Crest Premier. A proven screening process ensures a pool of reliable tenants who pay on time and maintain the property. Its rental market analysis can determine the optimal rental price and create a marketing package to get a property noticed and fill vacancies quickly.

Maintenance: Performing repairs on rental properties is one of the less pleasant responsibilities of landlords. But our experts take care of the entire maintenance process, from recruiting and supervising vendors to regular property checks. By proactively identifying repair needs, further damage can be avoided, and costs can be minimized.

Accounting: The financials are an important part of the management process, but we meticulously collect, register and manage all property income and expenses. Landlords get monthly disbursement of funds with a detailed report for every transaction.

Legal: Navigating the complex web of rental regulations can be daunting. Get assistance so that properties comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including health and safety standards, Fair Housing laws, and the Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act. Our experience and training can help manage tenants and safeguard against unnecessary legal troubles.

Maximizing income: Properties thrive under our care. We keep them fully occupied while optimizing rental income from investments.

Have questions about property management? Reach out to the Crest Premier Property Management Team now. We can provide the answers needed by landlords and property owners to unlock the full potential of their rental properties.

Crest Premier Property offers management services that keep your property fully occupied while earning more rental income from your investment.


This sponsored content was first published in the July edition of InMaricopa Magazine.