Food inspector rates 12 excellent, 4 satisfactory


According to Pinal County Environmental Services, the below listed inspections were done from March 3 to March 23.      


Excellent rating  

Aliberto’s Mexican Food (inspected March 3) 

Central Arizona College-Culinary (inspected March 23) 

Dairy Queen-Maricopa Shell (inspected March 3) 

Gyro Grill (inspected March 20) 

Helen’s Kitchen LLC (inspected March 16) 

Fry’s Market Place (inspected March 14) 

Fry’s Market Place-Deli (inspected March 14) 

Fry’s Market Place-Cheese (inspected March 14) 

Fry’s Market Place-Sushi (inspected March 14) 

McDonald’s, 41710 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway (inspected March 7) 

Sweet Cravings (inspected March 7) 

Yogurt Jungle (inspected March 7) 


Satisfactory rating 

Barro’s Pizza (inspected March 7) 


  • Temperatures of cooked beef held in the walk-in freezer for about 6 hours was 54-67°F (<41°F required).  
  • Temperatures of cut lettuce held in a bag above the chill line in the prep cooler were 53-54°F (<41°F required).  


  • Heavy accumulation of grease and food debris on fryers, walls around fryers, plumbing and gas lines around fryers, inside proofing cabinet, doors, handles and vent covers on reach in-cooler, and wire pizza oven racks. Reinspection required.  

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning 

  • Observed buildup of grease on walls and ceiling around fryer and pizza oven. Maintain clean.  
  • Buildup of dust and grease on fryer-station hood filters.  


Jack in the Box (inspected March 7) 


  • Employee handled dirty dishes and sprayer at sink, immediately returned to food prep. 


  • Heavy accumulation of dried milk on blender arm of milkshake machine. Employee used cup of sanitizer to clean arm of machine. Quat-based sanitizer in cup was tested to be at least 500 ppm (150-400 ppm required). Manager discarded solution and instructed staff to wash and sanitize machine arm. Employee cleaned food-contact surfaces of milkshake machine and placed unit back into service. Equipment was not sanitized. Manager stated they were out of sanitizer.  


Rosati’s Pizza (inspected March 14) 

Hot holding 

  • Temperature of red sauce held in steam-well boiler was 115-122°F. (≥135°F required) 

Cooling methods 

  • Cooked pasta was being held in a deep, closed, plastic container. The pasta is to be stored in a container with optimal heat transfer, so the manager put the pasta in a shallow, open metal pan. 

Controlling pests 

  • Live cockroaches in kitchen (reinspection required) 

Cleaning ventilation systems 

  • Excessive dust around air vents had relocated above food-prep area. 
  • Buildup debris on grill’s hood filters. 


Say Sushi (inspected March 16) 


  • Temperatures of cooked rice being held in closed, zip lock bags in walk-in cooler were 48-55°F. (<41°F required).  

Fixed equipment 

  • Required to adjust and seal prep sink to wall. 


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