Legacy students talk about favorite places in contest


Tuesday, 32 students at Legacy Traditional School spoke out in the Modern Woodmen Speech Competition.

This year’s winner was eighth grader Allison Voyles.

With a theme of “An Interesting Landmark,” the students spoke three to five minutes on a wide variety of sites, from a cabin in the woods to the Eifel Tower. They were judged on the content and structure of their speech as well as their delivery.

One by one, from junior high down to fifth grade, the students talked about their favorite places – some with which they had a personal experience and some they just wanted to see. The Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, the Vietnam Memorial Wall, the Great Wall of China and the Palace of Versailles were among the sites that offered the students a chance to describe and give historical details as part of the contest.

Sixth grader Kathy Thach placed second, and fifth grader Jacob Snoddy was third.

***ADVERTISEMENT***They faced three judges, and Miss City of Maricopa Jaime Buchholz was time keeper.

The Modern Woodmen Speech Competition has been around since 1948 and is meant to help students gain public-speaking skills and self-esteem. They were required to research their own topic and write their own speech. The winners earned plaques.

Winners now move on to the district/county level. Winners of the district level advance to state.