American Legion Post Commander Bryan Moore with son Parker. Photo by Kyle Norby

Friendship and a sense of belonging are integral parts of growing up. Maricopa’s American Legion Post Commander Bryan Moore believes that the Cub Scouts organization is a great way to gain experience and forge these relationships.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that there are packs here in Maricopa,” Moore said. “ A few years ago, the wife and I were looking for a pack and we didn’t know about any, so it took a little searching.”

The Cub Scouts are the specific age level of scouts that go from kindergarten to fifth grade:

  • Kindergarten – Lions
  • First grade – Tigers
  • Second grade – Wolves
  • Third grade – Bears
  • Fourth – Webelos level one
  • Fifth – Webelos level two

After these levels, a child can become a full-fledged Scout. With the recent changes in the Boy Scouts of America’s policies, girls are also encouraged to join and experience what the organization has to offer.

Commander Moore is the cub master for Pack 997, which includes seven veterans who are den leaders as well as part of American Legion Post 133.

“Part of the American Legion’s philosophy was the Boy Scouts,” Moore explained. “In fact, they were very instrumental in the Boy Scouts creation.”

This connection between these two organizations is very important to Moore and his son Parker.

Being a Cub Scout himself, Parker said, “It feels good to be part of a group.”

Being a community-driven organization while learning life and survival skills are a large part of the experience. How to handle a knife properly, tying knots, creating art and horticulture are just a few activities that the Scouts cover. Family camping trips are also a highlight for the kids.

“The biggest core thing we like to instill in the Scouts is respect for other people, helpfulness, reverence, courteous, and to be kind,” Moore said.

Information on meetings, events, and upcoming activities can be found on the Facebook page Pack 997 Maricopa.

For additional information, you can contact Bryan Moore at


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