John Kennedy, interim president and CEO of the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce, was arrested Dec. 15 on suspicion of second-degree burglary and stalking, according to a Maricopa Police Department report.

Although the police report does not mention Kennedy being inebriated, Maricopa Municipal Court records indicate he was also cited that day for driving under the influence and is currently facing four counts of DUI, one of which is for a blood alcohol level of more than .20.

The police reports indicate that Kennedy had been stalking Maricopa resident Beverly Tribuna, who he met three months earlier at the Native New Yorker restaurant.

Tribuna told officers she was never romantically involved with Kennedy.

Kennedy’s arrest, which occurred in the late afternoon on Dec. 15, actually stemmed from two earlier incidents.

The first occurred Dec. 14 when Officer Daniel Rauch found Kennedy “parked in (Tribuna’s) driveway attempting to get into the house,” the report said.

Tribuna reportedly told Rauch that Kennedy “had been following her around the city when she is running errands and has let himself into her backyard and waited for her at least once recently.”

Kennedy was warned that if he was found at the residence again he would be arrested.

The following day at 10:15 a.m. Tribuna was on her back porch talking on her cellphone when she heard her doorbell go off several times and noises from the door knob.

Tribuna went inside to find Kennedy standing in her kitchen.

She asked Kennedy how he got inside and he told her he came in through the garage.

Tribuna told Kennedy to get out and that she would call the police.

As she called 911 and reported an unwanted man in her home, Kennedy left her home.

Officer Irene Walker responded to Tribuna’s call and attempted to find Kennedy.

He was not at his home and did not return Walker’s call.

At 3:45 p.m. that day, Rauch was dispatched to Tribuna’s home because she reported Kennedy was “parked on the street facing her home” 10 minutes earlier.

Rauch and his partner drove to Kennedy’s home where they found him driving away.

The officers arrested him after Kennedy reportedly told them he “had walked into (Tribuna’s) home through the front door without permission so he could talk to her.” He said she “appeared angry” and told him to leave.


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