Maricopa Education Foundation lays out vision


The Maricopa Education Foundation presented its mission and vision statements at the recent MUSD Board of Education meeting.

The vision of the organization is “Educational excellence in the city of Maricopa,” and its mission is “To generate and allocate resources in order to promote and sustain educational excellence.”

“Our mission and vision statements speak for themselves,” said Jeff Kramarczyk, a member of the foundation. “Our student-centered focus is predicated on community awareness, partnerships and donations.”

The Maricopa Education Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in January 2007. It is composed of 10 members, who are teachers, community leaders, school administrators and parents.

Since its inception the organization has received incorporation approval from the Arizona Corporation Commission, created a constitution and by-laws, developed a conflict of interest policy, become a tax-exempt entity and adopted grant application guidelines.

Fundamental to the foundation’s purpose is its grant guidelines. These guidelines state that the organization cannot use grants for salaries, stipends or to reimburse other programs. Grants awarded by the organization must enhance and supplement school curriculum or promote student growth.

“This program will benefit MUSD and the students,” Kramarczyk said.

To date the organization has raised $6,000 in donations from an array of sources; however, they are still looking for more.

“We need more donations, ideas for programs, collaboration from other organizations and community support,” Kramarczyk said.

One partnership the organization is exploring is with MUSD’s volunteer services. “This partnership would greatly benefit both organizations and is just awaiting board approval,” Kramarczyk said.

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