Maricopa Teen Hall, a new expo tailored for teens and those raising teens, is scheduled for Oct. 19, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., at City Hall.

To attend, RSVP at

The free event will include lunch and fun activities.

It will be a town-hall-style event, but without the politics. Topics will range from how to get a job to building healthy relationships. Exhibitor space is available.

The planning committee includes representatives from Be Awesome Youth Coalition, InMaricopa and the City of Maricopa, with Be Awesome Director Priscilla Behnke and Councilmember Nancy Smith.

Maricopa Teen Hall encourages discussion about Internet safety, mental health, drugs and alcohol education, human trafficking and more. It is a forum for teens and their parents or guardians to share their knowledge and experience while learning valuable information.

“Life is challenging for teens and their parents,” Be Awesome’s Behnke said. “We are excited to bring resources to Maricopa families and fulfill our mission of creating confident, connected and successful youth.”

Be Awesome is a local nonprofit charged with developing confident, connected and successful youth. InMaricopa believes in uniting the community and one of its core values is to create prosperity for our clients and community. Both organizations join Councilmember Nancy Smith in a dedication to Maricopa’s successful future through its youth.

To attend, RSVP at

There are partnership, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities available. Any donations/sponsorship revenue that exceeds cost of producing the event will be earmarked for teen scholarships. Contact Behnke at 520-428-7750 or


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