Maricopans can ‘go fish’ at new Mega Aquarium


This past week the city of Maricopa issued permits allowing five companies to conduct business inside city limits.

Among those five is Ernesto Becerril’s Mega Aquarium.

As a youth Maricopa resident Becerril fondly remembers riding his bike to his community’s fish store, gazing at the scaly creatures and, on occasion, purchasing one to take home.

“For me having a fish tank was a memorable moment from my youth and something that brought me great joy,” he said. It is joy he hopes to bring to the city of Maricopa with the opening of Mega Aquarium.

Mega Aquarium is a fish store located in 500 square-feet of space in the Old Stage Stop Marketplace at 19536 N. John Wayne Pkwy. The store carries a variety of salt water fish, fresh water fish, aquarium supplies, planters, lava lamps and more.

“We have more than 1,000 gallons of aquariums on display,” Ernesto said.

To facilitate both the needs of the youth hobbyist and the adult fish connoisseur, the store is open Monday to Saturday from 3 until 7 p.m.

For more information about the store visit

In addition to the aquarium center, permits were approved for local business AGP Distributors/Nunzia Design and three ventures located outside city limits, including American Solar Electric LLC, Blue Compass Contracting LLC and Recycle Today.

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