A long-awaited traffic signal near Maricopa City Hall is in the works. 

Improvements to the two-way stop intersection at Bowlin and White and Parker Roads is “moving forward,” according to a city spokesperson. 

“I’ve almost been t-boned three times at this intersection,” said Christopher David following a crash at the intersection Monday afternoon. “Hopefully we can get a permanent light soon.” 

Fixes could come as early as July — with emphasis on “could.” 

“Plans for a redesign of this intersection are already budgeted and moving forward,” said city spokesperson Quinn Konold. 

Konold said the city is working to secure a contractor to handle the improvements.  

“That contractor will begin to purchase some of the long-lead items needed for construction.” he said. “The delivery time of those assets will likely determine the overall project timeline.” 

Konold said the tentative timeline for completion of the improvements is July 2024 but the “timelines are subject to change.” 

The intersection is one of two main intersections that connect the east side of Maricopa to the west.  

A light was installed at Honeycutt and White and Parker Roads in 2020.