New Elementary School Planned for Next Fall


Maricopa’s next elementary school is on the drawing board. Representatives of Gilleland and Brubaker Architects and D. L. Withers Construction presented site plans and the updated building schedule to members of the Maricopa Unified District governing board on August 11, 2004.

Don Brubaker reviewed the specifications for the new elementary school, which will be located on the north side of Rancho El Dorado Parkway. A 40,500 square foot facility that will house 450 students will be erected on the 8.5-acre site. The State Board of Facilities has allocated $4.136 million for this school, but, said Brubaker, “that amount must also include furnishings and any architectural and engineering fees.” The multi-purpose room at the new school will be 3,755 square feet, similar to, but larger than theone at Santa Rosa, and, therefore, more usable.


Don Brubaker reviews plans for the new elementary school.

Michael Williams was also present to review the construction and approval schedule for this new school. Plans go to the city next Wednesday, August 18. The city and the school district will be reviewing the plans and submitting modifications until September. The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) should be set and presented to the governing board by early September. “Costs are preliminary at present,” stated Williams, “due to the volatile nature of the cement and iron market.”

Students and their parents can look forward to a brand new elementary school next year. Completion is tentatively scheduled for May of 2005 with the actual move-in date of approximately June 1, 2005.


Site plan for the new Rancho El Dorado elementary school.