Pima Butte Elementary hosts this year’s final Student of the Month Assembly


Pima Butte Elementary School held its last Student of the Month Assembly for this school year on Wednesday. Students, teachers and parents were treated to special presentations by Andrea Leyvas’s second grade class, as well as Janet Stensgard’s fourth grade students.

Both groups focused on Pima Butte’s well-known Character Counts program. The character traits it teaches include respect, trustworthiness, responsibility and citizenship. These same traits help to determine which students will receive the Student of the Month awards.

Ms. Levyas’s second graders preparing to do their Character Counts presentation.

Fourth graders in Ms. Stensgard’s class read famous quotes that represented the Character Counts traits.

As cameras flashed, award-winning students, smiling from ear to ear, received their certificates. Teachers, speaking about their Student of the Month selections, used phrases such as “good character,” “always willing to learn,” and “works hard to do his or her best” to describe each student.

April Students of the Month:

Ms. Adcock’s Class
Colton Kingery
Elizabeth Salie

Ms. Ball’s Class
Ryan Cook
KateLynn Tripp

Ms. Dolson’s Class
Jason Dailey
Melania Ramirez

Ms. Stanley’s Class
Ian Anderson
Destiny Facio

First Grade
Ms. Fisher’s Class
Bryan Nguyen
Abigail Paternina

Ms. Hiers’s Class
Marcos Cano
Joie Guela

Ms. Kowalzsyn’s Class
Fabian Castillo
Tonya Thacker

Ms. Landrum’s Class
Donovan Jones
Sabrina Camino

Second Grade
Ms. Baker’s Class
Jason Eastman
Maria Tambo

Ms. Leyvas’s Class
Angeles Bernal
Tyler Ellis

Third Grade
Ms. Kreckler’s Class
Logan Vasquez
Brittany Ybarra

Ms. LaRochelle’s Class
Alyssa Castro
Saxon McDonald

Ms. Vincent’s Class
Sarie Martinez
Shawn Powell

Kindergarten, first, second and third grade Students of the Month.

Third grader Logan Vasquez was all smiles when he received his award.

Fourth Grade
Ms. Graham’s Class
David Amaya
Silver Dugan

Mr. Peterson’s Class
Gabriel Platero
Allen Wilburn

Ms. Stensgard’s Class
Dylan Meador
Robert Nejad

Some of the fourth grade Students of the Month.

Mr. Peterson described Gabriel Platero as a “perfectionist with big things in her future.”

Fourth grade winners Dylan Meador and Robert Nejad.

Fifth Grade
Ms. Ansley’s Class
Daniella Montero
Shaina Wearne

Ms. Cook’s Class
Rachael Hall
Cynthia Yap

Ms. Leos’s Class
Ellie Bewick
Adler Lamy

Students of the Month in fifth grade (above) and in sixth grade (below).


Sixth Grade
Ms. Barzilla’s Class
Hannah Carlson
Dylan Foti

Ms. Bialorucki’s Class
Javier Ambros
Paloma Gastelum

Congratulations to all the Pima Butte Elementary Students of the Month — who proved that “character counts!”