Pima Butte wins Academic League championship


Fifth-grade pupils from Pima Butte Elementary answered questions on everything from Sponge Bob to Pearl Harbor Saturday morning successfully winning the championship for the fall Academic League.

Students from all four elementary schools gathered at Maricopa Elementary for the final rounds of the competition that had been ongoing since October. Teams of eight represented each school in the fourth- and fifth-grade competitions.

After the first round, fourth-grade teams from Santa Rosa and Pima Butte, and fifth-graders from Santa Cruz and Pima Butte battled for first place. Pima Butte came out on top for both grades, but Coordinator Matt Metcalf reassured the students that everyone there was a winner.

“If you happened to win that’s great,” Metcalf said. “But if you lost, that’s great too.”

Metcalf went on to say how proud he and everyone else in the room were of all of the students who participated.

The fifth-grade team from Pima Butte then accepted their trophies.

Test your skills

Are you smarter than a Maricopa fourth- or fifth-grade student? Here are examples of the questions asked during the competition:

-The Earth’s rigid out layers are broken into what?

-A liter is a measure of what?

-What was the first name of Barney Rubble’s wife?

-What is the probability of rolling two “1’s” on a pair of six -sided dice?

-If you purchased a sweater for $12.50 with 6 percent sales tax, how much would you actually pay?

Answers: Tectonic plates, capacity, Betty, 1/36, $13.25

Photo by Katie Winkley