One local pizzeria continued its streak of “excellent” ratings from the Pinal County Health Department this week. 

After opening earlier this year, Dell’s Pizza & Wings Express started a streak of earning an excellent rating from the county inspectors. This most recent report shows it’s now two for two, following the first flawless report earned five months ago. 

Inspectors visited seven eateries in the city from Oct. 19 to Nov. 1 and the majority were given flawless marks. But another pizzeria didn’t fare so well after inspectors found cockroaches inside. 

This report has one fewer “satisfactory” rating than our previous report that spanned Oct. 6 to 18. 



Circle K Made to Go — 41433 W. Honeycutt Road (Inspected Oct. 31) 

Dell’s Pizza & Wings Express (Inspected Oct. 19) 

Maricopa Head Start (Inspected Oct. 19) 

Pizza Hut (Inspected Oct. 19) 

The Slab Premium Meats (Inspected Oct. 19) 



Rosati’s Pizza (Inspected Oct. 20) 

  • Controlling Pests: Live cockroaches around the three-compartment, hand and mop sinks. 
  • Sanitizing solutions: Quat-based sanitizer in use without testing strips.  
  • Cleaning frequency: Buildup of debris on the floor around the three-compartment, hand, and mop sinks. Excessive oil spillage on the wall near the pizza dough station. 
  • Cleaning of ventilation system: Buildup of dust on and around kitchen air vents. 

Circle K — 41433 W. Honeycutt Road (Inspected Oct. 31) 

  • Cold holding: Temperatures of cheese and meat sticks, rice pudding, Lunchables, assorted sandwiches, burritos and pizzas in the grab-n-go cooler were between 47 and 51 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 
  • Cooling equipment: Air temperature in the grab-n-go cooler was between 45 and 50 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required.