City of Maricopa Express Transit (COMET) has fixed and on-demand routes in Maricopa.

In the next 25 years, the Maricopa planning area is expected to add 90,000 new residents and 35,000 new jobs. This population growth is a 300 percent increase from today and with it comes increased demands on city facilities and services.

Travel in the Maricopa planning area will increase dramatically and proportionately with the anticipated population growth in the region. In support of sustainable growth and economic development, the City’s circulation system will need to keep pace.

Planning Maricopa is the guide of how the city intends to accommodate the anticipated growth in a way that meets the citizens’ vision for Maricopa. The Circulation & Connectivity Element is a critical component of Planning Maricopa and achieving the community’s vision for an integrated, citywide, regional, and multimodal transportation system that supports the other elements of the General Plan.

For example, the city would like to become “transit ready,” which means that the appropriate land uses are in place (i.e., higher density housing such as condo’s, townhomes, and apartments) along transportation corridors to meet the needed ridership levels that will support a new transit system, such as buses.

Based on input from citizens, the city has taken the approach to address transportation needs in an integrated manner across all modes of travel. This multimodal approach removes the emphasis on roadways and establishes the need to examine full integration of roadways, transit, bicycle paths and pedestrian facilities.

An integrated transportation system is vital to growing a self-sustaining local economy with a healthy, active, and connected population. Multimodal communities offer residents of all ages and abilities access to goods and services, jobs, and diverse housing options. The Circulation & Connectivity Element of the General Plan is the roadmap of how the city will keep pace with future population growth and expand multimodal opportunities for Maricopa’s residents, visitors, and businesses.employment-graph

To learn more about Planning Maricopa – Circulation & Connectivity Element, please click here. Maricopa Proposition 415 – Planning Maricopa is on the Nov. 8 General Election ballot and early voting begins on Oct. 12. All Maricopa registered voters are encouraged to learn about the ballot items before placing your vote. Visit to view Proposition 415 in entirety and make an informed decision this November.

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Historically, Maricopa was a transportation hub and continues to have a busy Amtrak station.
Historically, Maricopa was a transportation hub and continues to have a busy Amtrak station.