Police search in Tortosa
A Maricopa police vehicle blocks the entrance to the Tortosa HOA on Tuesday afternoon as authorities searched for a man who fled police. Photo by Kyle Norby

The Tortosa HOA was under lockdown this afternoon as authorities conducted a live search for a man who ran from police.

Police are searching the Tortosa area for a man identified by police as Codey Foy. Residents should not approach him but call 911 immediately. Photo courtesy, Maricopa Police Department

Officers blocked off the entrance at Honeycutt Road and North Costa Del Sol Boulevard as city police and county sheriff’s vehicles could be seen searching the neighborhood shortly after 3 p.m.

Law enforcement officials are looking for a suspect identified as Codey Foy, a white male, 5-foot-9, 140 pounds, last seen wearing blue jeans, a flannel shirt and ball cap, police said.

“We received a ‘be on the lookout’ (BOLO) from the Pinal County Sheriff’s office in reference to this individual being a subject in connection with a stolen truck this morning,” MPD Spokesperson Ricardo Alvarado said. “At about 2 o’clock we received a call about a suspicious vehicle parked in that new park that’s over by Santa Cruz Elementary. When we went to go check what was going on, the individual exited the vehicle and took off on foot.”

Alvarado stated that officers were able to identify the individual as Foy before he fled.

Police do not believe he is armed, but cannot be positive. Foy has multiple warrants out for his arrest. Residents should not approach Foy, but call 911 immediately. They are also asked to stay out of the Tortosa area.

Alvarado confirmed a Department of Public Safety helicopter was dispatched to aid in the search.

Kyle Norby contributed to this report.


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