Seven days after the Aug. 2 primary election the winners in the Maricopa City Council race became clear. But the multiple election mistakes by Pinal County apparently shook some voters’ faith in the system and caused others to worry whether the results were accurate.

In light of those circumstances, our informal reader poll this week asked readers: “Given the issues Pinal County had administering the Maricopa City Council election, do you think the election was accurate?”

The answer “Probably” was a narrow winner, grabbing 30.1%, or 59 of the 196 total responses.

Just over 26% (51 votes), however, answered they were “Doubtful” the election was accurate.

A significant number of respondents, 19.9%, or 31 votes, answered “No way” to voice their skepticism about the legitimacy of the local election.

A small cadre of respondents – 15.8% and 31 votes – said they had no concerns, selecting “For sure.”

The “Don’t know or care” response drew 8%, or 16 votes.

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