Santa Rosa raises money collecting box tops


Santa Rosa Elementary School has raised more than $940 this school year through Box Tops for Education to help pay for field trips, classroom supplies and assemblies, a school staffer said.

Santa Rosa collects box tops from General Mills cereal boxes, Ziploc bags, Kleenex tissues and other participating brands in the fall and spring of each school year. The class that brings in the most box tops wins a prize.

The winning class for spring was Zoe Redfern’s second grade class with 539 total box tops. Each box top clipped and turned in is worth 10 cents. Some box tops offer bonus points.

“It just depends,” said Julie Kasper, the box top coordinator at Santa Rosa. “It is a great program, really easy and raises a lot of money.”

The winning class received a pizza party sponsored by Orbitel Communications. Orbitel also rewards the winning teacher with gift cards to an education store and also dinner for herself and family.

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