Teens paint the windows of Maricopa Public Library for Halloween. Photo by Adam Wolfe

The Maricopa Public Library Teen Advisory Council hosted a window painting event at the library for local teens to come together and add some flare for the holiday season.

Roughly a dozen teens came out to paint Halloween images on the library windows. Each participant was able to claim and window and decorate it however they wanted (with adult supervision). Some depicted scary and classic Halloween images such as pumpkins or angry jack-o’-lanterns, while others went with sunshine and autumn imagery.

“The teens of the Maricopa Public Library Teen Advisory Council are hosting a window painting party for other teens,” Maricopa Public Library manager Erik Surber said. “The theme is getting our windows ready for Halloween, so they making it all festive for us.”

The event was open to teens aged 12 to 18 Wednesday evening.

Participants were provided with paint, brushes and snacks to help get their creative juices flowing, and the images should remain on the library through Halloween celebrations.