Valley health violations include rodent feces, pink slime, expired food


Rodent feces, pink slime and expired food were among the violations causing nearby Valley restaurants to fail their March health inspection.

Maricopa County routinely inspects restaurants to ensure the quality and safety of food. Health inspectors look for violations, such as storing food at improper temperatures, employees not washing hands and other health and safety issues.

Each of these violations is assigned a point value, which is then used to determine the restaurant’s score. A gold star is the highest ranking possible and means a business scored in the top 25 percent; a silver star denotes a restaurant scoring in the middle 50 percent, and no award means a restaurant scored in the bottom 25 percent.

If a restaurant receives no award, they are given an opportunity to comply with the health inspector’s complaints and then are re-inspected. Here is a look at the restaurants cited by health inspectors in March along with a list of violations that caused them to fail their inspections.

Jason’s Deli–7230 W. Ray Rd.
Food not being at proper temperatures, macaroni and cheese thawing in hand sink and front cooler not at proper temperature.

Polar Ice Cafe–7225 W. Harrison St.
Black debris on soda nozzles, debris on can opener, and restaurant does not have a certified food manager.

Streets of New York–5965 W. Ray Rd.
No chlorine in dishwasher, food debris in pans storing clean utensils, dirty facilities and personal items stored in wrong location.

Ahwatukee Country Club–12432 S. 48th St.
Raw food not stored at proper temperature, rodent feces on lids, expired foods not disposed of and raw cod stored below raw beef.

Cafe Boa–5063 E. Elliot Rd.
Flies in kitchen, not enough sanitizer in cleaning buckets and leaking sink.

Native New Yorker–5030 E. Ray Rd.
Food at improper temperature, slimy pink growth on soda nozzle and physical facilities not in good repair.

Rock Bottom Restaurant–14205 S. 50th St.
Hot food not being held at proper temperature, cold food not being held at proper temperature and employee drinks in unapproved area.

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