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Monday, February 26, 2024
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Danger in the air for older Americans

Here in Arizona, we are all exposed to desert dust every time the wind blows. This can lead to lung problems such as Valley...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Medical alert devices: Do you need one?

Last week, I was helping my wife install a home key box for a Province resident when she asked me what I knew about...
Murray Siegel Maricopa

Accelerated learning program to kick off in kindergarten

In recent years, the Maricopa Unified School District has made a concerted effort to improve the assessment of the learning that occurs in its...
Joan Koczor

Volunteering is mutually beneficial

National Volunteer Month in April celebrates the impact volunteers have on our lives and encourages active volunteerism for generations to come. An extension of National...

Coping with stressful news: Keep things in perspective

Today’s news reports have been less than encouraging for exiting a globally traumatic event, such as the COVID crisis, to cope with.  While feelings...

Russian invasion brings back memories for Province resident

EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the past few weeks, the world has witnessed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the 1990s, Iraq invaded Kuwait, which led to...
MPD Chief James Hughes

Chief: MPD improves way it reports crime

The Maricopa Police Department has officially improved the way we report crime. We recently completed the transition from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s...
Ron Smith Maricopa

5 stages of retirement – and why you need to know them

Retirement typically occurs in five stages: pre-retirement, full retirement, disenchantment, reorien-tation, and reconciliation and stability. Each stage brings its own set of choices. Understanding...
Joan Koczor Senior Living

Recognizing the crucial contributions of women, today and always

The theme of National Women’s History Month, “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” is a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Tax season is back: what seniors need to know

It’s that time of year again. There are new things to consider this income tax season and no, there is no automatic extension to...

Learn how to ‘take care’ of yourself

So many posts from friends end with “take care.” It seems a simple salutation at the end of a letter or social media post,...
Murray Siegel

AP courses can help make college affordable

As the cost of a college education continues to increase, parents and students should seek ways to pay for tuition without creating debt. One...

Watering with a purpose

I grew up in the Midwest and our biggest concern was whether March would come in like a lion or a lamb according to...

Master Gardeners plant seeds with advice, expertise

Many newcomers and inexperienced gardeners in Arizona need advice to successfully grow flowers and vegetables in our desert climate and soil conditions. Often, that expertise...

In the New Year, take an honest approach to relationships

Good, we have that resolution moment out of the way. Now to begin a movement of another kind. At some time or another, we have...
Murray Siegel

The current state of our schools

The effects of the pandemic continue to negatively affect learning in our public schools, and recent reports indicate the nature of the problem is...
Joan Koczor Maricopa

What to expect from Social Security in 2022

Over 50 million Americans rely on Social Security for at least a portion of their retirement income. When you consider that 180 million people...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Aging in place: Is it for you?

Because there is “no place like home,” aging in place may have many benefits: it can cost less if you own your home, slow...

Growing onions in the desert? No need to cry

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience: onion bulbs from the big box stores that never develop into the big, dry ones like you buy...

Take it easy in the new year

One year ago, we thought 2021 would pass quickly. The effects from the Covid Virus have held steady with many consequences. Those realities have...
Murray Siegel

Learning to read in Maricopa schools

For several years, emphasis has been placed on the learning of mathematics and science in the elementary grades, yet nobody disputes that the most...

The Roselle: A tropical plant that’s found a new home in Maricopa

By Amanda Rice Hibiscus sabdariffa or roselle, is known by a number of names across the world, including Jamaican sorrel, Flor da Jamaica, Florida cranberry,...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Holiday gift suggestions

In an attempt to reduce holiday stress, I’m going to provide you with some gift suggestions for friends and loved ones. Of course, in...
Joan Koczor

Traveling by air just got easier

Traveling by plane is one of the safest and fastest ways to get to your destination. But crowded airports, long waits at security checkpoints,...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Helping senior loved ones enjoy the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s an ideal time to start planning for the festivities. Enjoying the holiday cheer will help maintain...

The beauty of mathematics

What is mathematics? To many readers of this column, it is subject matter you must learn in school with a series of rules and methods...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Brandenburg: Are your end-of-life affairs in order?

We’re not getting any younger. So, you may want to make end-of-life decisions to protect your loved ones. This might not be the most upbeat...

Tech careers for non-tech people

It’s no secret that careers based in the technology sector are amongst the most sustainable and future-proof. What’s not so obvious is that anyone can...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Smith: Dealing with uncertainty, leave them laughing!

Back when I was hiring employees, I would always add a couple of extra desired skills to the job description— the ability to deal...

Master gardener: Keep poinsettias bloomin’ and beautiful through holidays

Poinsettias are one of the most symbolic plants of the holiday season. So popular, they account for about one-quarter of all flowering potted plant sales. With...
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