Cops continue to investigate drive-by shooting


Cops are still seeking answers to questions posed by an alleged gunfight in Senita last month, according to city officials. 

At about 9 p.m. July 6, Maricopa Police Department responded to the reported shooting on West Cowpath Drive, city spokesperson Monica Williams said the day after the episode. 

An unidentified witness told officers people began shooting from inside a moving car. The witness, who also had a gun, admitted to returning fire and striking an empty vehicle parked on the street.   

While police did not identify the witness, city resident Shawan Harris took to social media and claimed to be the person who fired back. 

Harris posted a description of the vehicle whose passengers allegedly fired at him before he shot back. “I answer back, and I’m in the wrong?” Harris wrote. “Can we not protect our land and family?” 

InMaricopa reached out to Harris, who did not respond to interview requests. 

Maricopa police have yet to name a suspect. 

“The case remains open and under investigation,” city spokesman Brandon LaVorgna said. “There is no new information at this time.” 

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  1. I am the neighbor and victim of the shooting. Mr. Harris is a convicted felon who was in possession of multiple firearms that night. Maricopa PD new that that night yet refused to arrest him. Mr. Harris admitted to discharging his illegal firearm to Maricopa PD that night. They did nothing. One bullet hit my car, causing THOUSANDS of dollars in damage, and they did nothing. One bullet is still missing. Mr. Harris admitted to shooting my car that night, and again PD did nothing. 5 days ago Mr. Harris got his rights restored, meaning that he had 2nd amendment rights that night. Maricopa PD did nothing.

    I have attempted to contact InMaricopa about this but no one will return my call. I have attempted to contact Maricopa PD multiple times about the case but all I get is “It’s still under investigation and there are no suspects”. The Detective won’t even return my calls. The level of pure incompetence in this town is laughable. I am the victim who is out THOUSANDS of dollars, loss time from work and live in fear having an unhinged neighbor that Maricopa refuses to charge.