Richard Wactler (PCSO)

Richard Wactler, 78, was arrested Jan. 2 on recommended charges of threatening/intimidating and disorderly conduct.

Around 1 p.m. Wactler entered the Check Into Cash title loan shop on North John Wayne Parkway near Fry’s Marketplace. The store clerk claimed Wactler told him he had a gun.

The clerk told police Wactler asked him if “he knew what a gun was.” The clerk asked if he was being threatened, to which Wactler responded it was real. Upon MPD’s arrival, after an emergency call was made, Wactler was questioned by officers.

Wactler claimed he actually told the clerk if someone tried to take his truck, he would shoot them. He also allegedly told the clerk he would break the window in the title loan building and shoot whoever stole money out of his bank account.

Wactler specified he would shoot them but not kill them, according to the report.

Richard Wactler was booked into Pinal County Jail.


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