Mike Richey, owner of Maricopa Ace Hardware (fourth from the right) and Jacquie Richey (third from the right)  with Susan O’Donnell, manager of corporate accounts at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Kaitlyn Roccio, patient of Phoenix Children’s and Andrea Roccio, mother of Kaitlyn and current employee at Maricopa Ace Hardware. 

Over the last 27 years, Ace Hardware retailers, their team members as well as Ace Hardware have raised more than $100 million for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Each Ace Hardware location around the country raises money through a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year.   Maricopa Ace Hardware ranked No. 9 in the country for funds raised for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, of which Phoenix Children’s Hospital is one of them.  This from an Ace Hardware store in a city of 51,000 people compared to thousands of stores nationally.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital received $42,441.45. That included $27,441.45 that was raised in-store, $5,000 for being nominated by PCH for Ace Retailer of the Year, and $10,000 for the top 10 finish.

Mike Richey, owner of the Maricopa Ace Hardware, and his team presented Phoenix Children’s with this valuable donation. Susan O’Donnell, senior development officer, accepted the donation on behalf of the Hospital.

Richey is a member of the board of the Maricopa Economic Development Alliance.