In a special meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., Maricopa City Council may vote on the distribution of AZCares funds to a list of businesses and nonprofits.

The agenda has two resolutions. In one resolution, 29 small businesses and up to five nonprofits would receive a combined $537,000.

In the other resolution, two businesses would receive a combined $14,400. Councilmembers are involved in both businesses – Vincent Manfredi at InMaricopa and Rich Vitiello at Kooline Plumbing – necessitating their separation from the others. They are expected to declare a conflict of interest and not vote on the second resolution.

The City of Maricopa received just under $6 million in AZCares funding through the federal CARES Act to help offset the costs of COVID-19.

The balance of the money went to public safety to relieve the cost accrued from COVID-19, including personal protective equipment.

The City created the Business Reemergence Program to help small businesses and the Food & Aid Distribution Non-Profit Assistance to help nonprofits. Small businesses can only use the funds for rent and reimbursement for the purchase of PPE. Only nonprofits that “have supported the citizens and promoted community health and safety” qualify for the funds.

The resolutions emphasize the funds are not a gift. Entities that misuse the funds have 30 days to repay the City the amount misused. Entities also had to be within the city boundaries of Maricopa. Businesses and organizations outside the city were asked to apply to Pinal County for AZCares funds.

Immediately before the meeting, the council will meet in closed session to discuss the potential legal issues with the proposed distribution.


Business Name                                            Suggested Award

This and That Stuff LLC dba Yogurt Jungle $11,850
Country Stylin’ Salon & Spa                             $8,550
TTS Catering                                                       $2,460
Sports & Cuts Barber Shop LLC                     $15,000
Kitchen Queens Catering                                 $1,400
Monarch Zen Healing Arts                              $1,850
CrossFit Maricopa LLC                                    $9,150
BlackStones Entertainment LLC                   $1,640
Honeycutt Coffee                                              $10,200
Longevity Athletics                                           $11,600
Brooklyn Boys Pizzeria and Restaurant       $24,100
The New HQ, LLC                                             $12,150
Maricopa Heritage Pointe                               $4,500
AC Infantry LLC                                                $1,000
Nails 4 U LLC                                                     $10,250
Suzy Rawlins, Independent Mary Kay          $1,300
Helen’s Kitchen and Catering                         $13,000
Desert Sun Performing Arts                           $12,400
Blue Cactus Preschool                                     $17,800
Wells Counseling Service, LLC                      $1,400
Native Grill & Wings                                        $4,000
Maricopa Wellness Center                             $10,000
A-1 Health and Wellness                                $11,050
Just Weeds LLC                                               $800
Solutions Therapy, PLLC                               $750
Outside the Box Marketing, Inc.*                 $500
Rusinski Law Firm LLC                                 $2,250
Tacos N More Mexican Grill                         $25,000
Sunrise Taekwondo                                        $19,200
Fyrestorm Enterprises dba Rockstar Cheer $14,182
Liquidate Arizona                                           $8,975
Total:                                                            $268,307

Non-Profit Name                                    Suggested Award
F.O.R. Maricopa                                            $100,000
Graysmark Schools                                       $15,000
Maricopa Pantry INC                                   $35,000 (Contingent)
Against Abuse                                                $18,756
Boys and Girls Club                                      $100,000 (Contingent)
Total:                                                          $268,756

Business Name                                         Suggested Award
Kooline Plumbing LLC                                  $5,500, LLC dba InMaricopa               $8,900
Total:                                                            $14,400

*Scott Bartle, primary owner of InMaricopa, also owns Outside the Box Marketing.

This story has been updated to reflect late additions.