Farrand Thompson (PCSO)

Update: Upon being released from jail on Dec. 5, Farrand Thompson allegedly attempted to contact his wife via text messages and FaceTime. This was a violation of his release conditions.

Thompson’s wife reported the attempted contact to MPD, who verified the text was from Thompson. Police took Thompson into custody on Dec. 6. While questioning him, officers made Thompson aware of his release violation. Thompson allegedly admitted to the text message and FaceTime call but told officers it was an accident. He claimed he inadvertently  FaceTimed her while reading a text she sent the night after he was arrested. He also claimed the text to her regarding getting some of his things from the home was meant for a friend.

Farrand Thompson, 35, was arrested Nov. 30 on multiple domestic violence charges including strangulation, assault, disorderly conduct and preventing the use of a telephone in an emergency.

Maricopa Police responded to a home on West Bonneau Street in Smith Farms in reference to an assault. Officers met with a woman who was, “visibly distraught and crying.” She had come out of a neighboring house and could be seen limping, according to the report.

She stated her husband Farrand Thompson tried to kill her.

Police observed multiple marks all over the woman. She had several scratches two to three inches in length on her forearm and up to five more scratches on her bicep. Officers reported the woman’s shirt was torn, with marks on her hip allegedly from being dragged and marks from choking around her neck.

She stated she believed Thompson was going to kill her by choking her. She told MPD she was choked in the kitchen of her home, blacked out and woke up in the hallway.

Police found Thompson in the house. He claimed he only tried to push her out of the home and nothing else.

The woman was transported to be treated for her injuries and Farrand Thompson was placed under arrest and booked in Pinal County Jail.