Naked man arrested after home break-in

One home's surveillance camera caught this image of a stranger in the backyard.

A Maricopa man has been arrested after accusations he broke into a Maricopa Meadows home while naked and reportedly on spice.


Al-Hakiem S. Towns, 38, was taken into custody by Maricopa Police officers on Sept. 18.


Towns allegedly entered the home of David James through a back patio door, possible a dog door, at 2:50 a.m. James was woken by his dogs and grabbed his gun, but the suspect exited the house through a front window, breaking the screen, according to the police report.


The homeowner’s surveillance camera captured an image of the man walking away, completely naked with a large tattoo on his back.


James called police, but he wasn’t the first. Another resident in the neighborhood had called police earlier when his 12-year-old daughter reported seeing a man standing in the backyard looking in through the glass door. He then ran off. He was described a black male wearing only green shorts.


The responding officers found clothing in the rear yard of a residence on Ranch Road along with a bottle of canola oil and a cell phone. When they powered up the phone, a picture of Towns was on the screen.


Police officers went to six homes, reporting all had a blood trail leading through the back yards. Residents had come outside to see what the noise was in their yards.


Police found Towns allegedly completely nude, standing front of a home on Meadows Lane and bleeding from his feet and legs.


Arresting officers reported Towns made the statement, “Every time I smoke spice this happens.”


“Spice” is synthetic cannabis. It is illegal in Arizona.


He faces charges of third-degree burglary, criminal trespass, criminal damage, disorderly conduct and voyeurism. He was transported to Chandler Regional Medical Center.