New horse installation delayed

Mauriel “Mory” Morejon painting "Estrella" [City of Maricopa]

The city this morning delayed unveiling new art in Alterra. 

The herd of three colorful equine statues at West Alterra and North John Wayne Parkways, which was slated to greet its newest herd member today, will need to wait.  

The installation of Estrella, by Casa Grande-based artist Mauriel “Mory” Morejon, was delayed due to sealant issues discovered this morning, according to city spokesperson Quinn Konold. 

There is no timeline for when Estrella will be installed. 

Estrella will be the 19th horse installed in the city as a part of a Public Arts Initiative by City Manager Rick Horst. 

The first ten horses were unveiled in March 2021 and nine more were unveiled in February last year, not all of which have yet been installed.