A common plumbing occurrence that often plagues homeowners is faulty valves. These valves, which are essential for regulating the flow of water, can fail or become damaged over time. This can lead to frustrating situations where homeowners attempt to turn off a valve, only to discover it does not work or, worse, breaks off entirely. To prevent such emergency scenarios where the water supply needs to be shut off to the entire house, it is crucial for homeowners to conduct yearly checks on all valves.

Thoroughly inspecting and testing all Angle stops under bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, behind toilets, dishwasher connections, hot and cold washer valves, Ball valves on main water lines, and even irrigation lines can go a long way in preventing disasters. These checks ensure valves are in good working order without any signs of corrosion or leaks.
Additionally, homeowners should pay close attention to the ease with which the valves can be turned. If a valve feels particularly stiff or resistant, it is advisable not to force it, as doing so could result in the valve breaking off.

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By diligently performing these simple checks and conducting other regular maintenance, homeowners can effectively safeguard against catastrophic emergencies that could lead to a complete loss of water supply and significant water damage. The proactive approach of maintaining functional valves ensures waterflow within the home remains controlled and reliable.

Regular inspections of valves also present an opportunity to identify potential issues before they escalate into more significant problems. For instance, a valve that shows signs of corrosion can be promptly replaced, preventing it from deteriorating further and causing a leak.

Homeowners should consider seeking the assistance of professional plumbers for a more thorough examination of their valves and plumbing system. These experts possess the knowledge and experience to identify underlying issues that may go unnoticed during a routine check. Engaging their services at regular intervals can provide homeowners with an added layer of confidence and assurance.

In conclusion, the diligent inspection and maintenance of valves in a home’s plumbing system are vital steps in preventing emergencies and water damage. By conducting routine checks for corrosion, leaks and functionality of the valves, homeowners can mitigate risks and ensure the uninterrupted and efficient flow of water throughout their homes.

Danielle Fitzgerald is co-ownerMyMaricopaPlumber.com. | This story was first published in the July edition of InMaricopa Magazine.