Beginning Dec. 1, a new $32 fee will be part of vehicle registration in Arizona.

The Public Safety Fee was established by the Legislature through House Bill 2166 this year. It goes into effect for registrations due in January.

Most motorists will pay $32 per vehicle, per year. Motorists can start paying Dec. 1. Street-legal golf carts and primarily off-highway vehicles will pay $5. Those who register a vehicle annually or pay for a two- or five-year registration will pay the entire amount up front for each registered year.

There are approximately 2.3 million vehicles registered in Arizona.

The Public Safety Fee changes the Highway Patrol’s source of revenue away from a gas tax.

The gas-tax account – Arizona Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) – was established in 1997 to pay for highway infrastructure. For the past decade, much of the Highway Patrol’s budget was part HURF.

The Public Safety Fee will free up all HURF funds to go toward maintenance and construction of roadways as originally intended.


  1. Your article did say what the previous man was complaining wasn’t there. I was just wondering though, any possibility that the state legislature might lessen the amount of gas tax by an offset amount, or is it as usual, just an additional source of revenue? Yeah. I guess that’s just too much to expect.

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